Twitter '@AchievementBird' messages your tweets' performance


Twitter '@AchievementBird' Messages Your Tweets' Performance. Now, Twitter'@AchievementBird' Messages Your Tweets' Performance

Washington:Twitter has started experimenting with an account, called@AchievementBird, which will message the user's ' achievements' that he earns with his tweets.

Twitter '@AchievementBird' Messages Your Tweets' PerformanceAccording to TechCrunch, the account will occasionally send messages to the users about how one of his tweets has performed.

Xero engineer Owen Williams shared his experience after noted the account on Twitter, as well as a couple of the messages that he had received so far.

Williams said one of his tweets was used in an article and AchievementBird notified him about it.

When he clicked on the link, the relatively new 'Related headlines' feature showed him exactly where the tweet had been used, the report added.

Another Twitter experimental account, called @magicheadlines, is likely related to this effort, as it claims to let the user see where tweets are embedded around the web.

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