Likely new features in iPhone 6

Likely new features in iPhone 6

Likely New Features To Be Included In Apple-'s iPhone 6. Apple-'s next generation iPhone is set to be released sometime in August or September. The...

Apple's next generation iPhone is set to be released sometime in August or September. The technology giant has always been very secretive about their products, but here are 8 features which are likely to be included in the new iPhone, according to the rumours, leaked prototypes and blueprints on the internet.

Larger size!

This is one of the biggest selling points of the new iPhone. Apple is rumoured to be working on two iPhone 6 models: one with a 4.7 inch and another with a 5.5 inch display; the former is rumoured to be released in August, and the latter in September.

Scratch-resistant and shatterproof!

Apple used sapphire glass as coating for the fingerprint sensor and camera of iPhone 5S, but it may be coating the entire display panel with the material in the iPhone 6, making it scratch-resistant and shatterproof! But it's rumoured that the fully-coated models will be a limited edition piece because of the cost that goes into its production.

Rounder and lighter?

The iPhone 6 is expected to have the same design Apple has been using since the iPhone 4, but there might be a few tweaks such as rounder corners. It may also look much more like Apple’s iPad Air!

Thinnest iPhone ever?

If leaked prototypes and schematics are anything to go by, the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 may be the thinnest model in the series. Said to be just 6.2 mm in thickness, it’s going to be significantly thinner than its predecessors the iPhone 5S and 5 which are 5 and 7.6mm thick.

A quad-core processor?

Apple is finally expected to go quad-core this year with four CPU cores in the A8 processer that will be made on 20nm process. There might even be a 2GB RAM.

An 8MP camera

All major smart phones have been dialing up their cameras by a few megapixels, most settling at 13MP; but iPhone 6 has decided to stick by its 8MP. Nonetheless, the quality of the image is expected to improve drastically.

Solar charging?

Rumour has it that Apple will have solar panels encased in the sapphire glass so that it can be charged without plugging it in!


The iPhone 6 will include Healthbook, an app that will focus on the users’ fitness by storing fitness data of users such as steps taken, calories burns and miles walked. It will also be able to track weight loss.

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