Learn About the Factors Involved in the Fundamental Analysis of a Company
Learn About the Factors Involved in the Fundamental Analysis of a Company

Most of the people who deal with the stock market, do know how to buy and sell in the stock market. Also, they know that how they can manage the risk while investing in it. But, when it comes to deciding between what you want to buy and what you want to sell, you need to know how to value the price of stocks and how to judge the current and the future of the companies that you want to invest in. Just like the forex fundamental, technical and sentiment analysis, a fundamental analysis of the company is also important before you invest your valuable money in it.

Fundamental Analysis of Stock Market

The fundamental analysis of a stock market involves checking of various parameters of the company. The management system of the company, the current financial situation, the economy and the industrial value of the company are some of the basic and fundamental parameters that you must look critically.

 This is crucial to evaluate these parameters properly because this is all that reflect how good the company is doing right now, and how far it can go in the future. Some other financial ratios are usually evaluated to judge the health of the company. Given below is the description of some of the most important ones.

EPS Ratio of the Company

This sit is the most important thing that you must consider during your analysis. Evaluate the past earnings of the company, and also the estimated future earnings of the company. You can do this by calculating the EPS or earnings per share of the company.

PE Ratio of the Company

Another parameter to judge the value of a stock is to calculate the PE ratio or profit per ratio. This ratio will tell you how much the market is willing to pay for the earnings of that company. This is simple to calculate, just divide the price of a stock with the earnings per share.

Price to Book Ratio of the Company

This is another financial ratio that people used widely for the fundamental analysis of the companies they want to invest in. If the ultimate value of price to book ratio comes out to be less than 1, then it means that it is a company worth spending in. Just like you use s&p 500 and Dow Jones live chart for stock market analysis, you can evaluate the price per book of the company also.

Debt of the Company

Debt is a negative thing, but no all type of debts is bad when it comes to companies. This is also something that one must look on carefully before investing in a company. If after your evaluation, you find that the debt of the company is helping them grow and making more money in the future, then you can consider that company to invest in your company.

Keeping all these points in mind, next time when you will plan to invest in a company’s share, you will never face loss.