All You Need To Know About Amazon Kindle

All You Need To Know About Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle is a really innovative device which a bibliophile can have for himself Its basically an Ereader which is based on a unique inkbased...

The Amazon Kindle is a really innovative device which a bibliophile can have for himself. It’s basically an E-reader which is based on a unique ink-based technology and stores hundreds of books which just reflects the natural light and doesn’t need any backlit of its own, though there are some models which do come with a backlit. With the Amazon Kindle, a long hour of reading is no more a problem which is with tablets or Smartphones. It has no harmful effects on the eyes and is the perfect choice for an avid reader.

For anyone out there wanting to know more about the Amazon Kindle devices, you are at the right place! Let us now take a look at the basic features of an Amazon Kindle and the reason for its success and why it’s trending so much. Let’s take a brief look at all the models and the Amazon coupons and offers available in the Amazon sale 2018.

The All New Amazon Kindle Basic Features

Since its launch back in 2007, the Amazon Kindle has been a great success due to the superior quality and the futuristic technology that only Amazon came up with. The most attractive and unique part of the Kindle is the no harm element to the eyes and the affordable price for such a futuristic technology. Let us now briefly look at some of the top features of the Amazon Kindle.

  • Thin & Lightweight: The Amazon Kindle’s base model weighs just about 161 grams and is super thin too which is at times even lighter than some books. The lightweight & thin characteristics make it really easy to carry while traveling anywhere. It just fits in right anywhere.
  • Anti-Glare Screen: All of the Amazon Kindle products come with an anti-glare screen which is one of the best features. Most of the time in the past avid readers would take on reading on the move which most of the times was either on tablets or their cell phones. What really caused a problem was glaring that used to trouble even at the brightest of the settings. Now, with the Amazon Kindle’s glare-free screen you can read right under the sun without any problem.
  • No Eye Strain: While reading on tablets or even long use of a cell phone or a laptop causes a strain on the eyes, but with the Amazon Kindle’s ink-based technology makes it less strenuous on the eyes. Actually, there is absolutely no strain on the eyes, at least not more than what a real book reading causes.
  • Long Lasting Battery: What if we told you the battery of the Amazon Kindle lasts days? What if we told you actually it lasts weeks! Yes! You heard us right. The battery of any Amazon Kindle device lasts at least weeks with a single charge. The device takes just about 4 hours to charge fully.
  • No Blue Light: As explained before the Amazon Kindle is based on a futuristic ink-based technology, which uses actual ink particles, thus there is no backlit which is required, and it just reflects the text with the natural light that is around. Whereas when compared tablets and smartphones have these blue rays which disturb our sleep patterns. So, no more worrying with the Kindle, you can have long reading sessions worry-free.
  • Thousands of Books to choose From: There are about more than 2 million Kindle titles which you can choose to buy from Amazon. Amazon also offers about 30,000 free kindle books to get you started with your new Kindle device.
  • Built-In Dictionary: Have you ever faced a problem with the meaning of any word and then finding it either on Google or a dictionary? It really breaks the flow of reading, to be honest. But with Amazon Kindle’s built-in dictionary, you can just click on any word where you feel stuck and know the meaning within a second without even leaving the page. You don’t even need to be connected to the internet for that.
  • Enhance Your Vocabulary: Now with the Amazon Kindle’s vocabulary builder, you can simply improve your vocabulary with flash cards and quizzes. How kindle does this is that whenever you look for the meaning of a word the Kindle simply stores it in its vocabulary builder. Then you just need to access the vocabulary builder to improve at it.

These are some of the most basic and unique features of a Kindle which makes it worth buying and is the reason for its huge success. There are also some additional features that all the Kindle devices have to offer so let’s take a look at them.

Some Other Amazon Kindle Features

The Amazon Kindle has some other features to offer, let’s take a look at them!

  • Goodreads: Goodreads is the largest online community of book lovers and bibliophiles. With Amazon Kindle, you have access to the largest community with a single touch. Connect with your friends, family or relatives and share the live status of your current read and also get to know what’s trending and what your friends are reading.
  • Carry All Your Favorites: The Amazon Kindle comes with an internal storage of 4 GB which lets you store almost thousands of books.
  • Cloud Storage & Backup: Kindle provides free cloud storage and backup to all the Kindle owners free of cost. So don’t worry if you lose your kindle as all data will be backed up to your email id so you never lose any of your eBooks.
  • Personalized Settings: With Amazon Kindle, you can now personalize your reading with custom fonts, text size, and zoom in option.
  • Translation Has Never Been Easier: With the inbuilt translator, you can simply convert any book in a variety of given languages which you could never do before with a real book.

All the Different Kindle Models

Amazon first came with the most basic Kindle model after which looking at the demand they brought in added features like backlit with some more personalized features and came up with a wide range of models like kindle paperwhite, kindle oasis and more.



Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Voyage

Kindle Oasis


INR 5,999

INR 10,999

INR 16,499

INR 21,999

Glare-Free Screen






161 g

205 g

180 g

194 g


160 x 115 x 9.1 mm

169 x 117 x 9.1 mm

162 x 115 x 7.6 mm

159 x 141 x 8.3 mm



Wi-Fi + Free 3G

Wi-Fi + Free 3G

Wi-Fi + Free 3G


4 GB

4 GB

4 GB

8 GB/ 32 GB

Screen Size

6 Inches

6 Inches

6 Inches

7 Inches

Built-In Light



Yes + Adaptive Light

Yes + Adaptive Light

The All New Amazon Kindle

The most basic model of Kindle but don’t consider it to be any less. The Kindle has everything that the other Kindle’s have other than the Free 3G, Backlit, and the bigger storage option. If you are not really sure about whether to invest in a Kindle then this is the perfect model to get started with as it is really affordable too. Just priced at around INR 5,999 with the Amazon Coupons, it features a glare-free screen, Wi-Fi connectivity, 4 GB of internal storage and a 6-inch touchscreen. It requires just 4 hours to get fully charged. It’s definitely value for all the money you spend. The best part of owning a Kindle for a bibliophile is the affordable prices of the books! Over 1.5 million books in the Kindle format are priced below INR 250.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the second edition of the Kindle and an upgrade to the base model just costing INR 10,999. The major feature of the Paperwhite is the in-built backlit and the 3G option. The Paperwhite has an inbuilt light which guides itself towards the screen thus providing the minimum strain to your eyes. The drawback of the older kindle was you couldn’t read it in dark, which the Kindle paperwhite simply solves. It has a larger resolution display with up to 300 PPI which the base Kindle model offered only up to 167 PPI.

Amazon Kindle Voyage

What makes the Kindle Voyage different from the Paperwhite is the adaptive light sensor. What it does is it adapts automatically to the environment you are reading the kindle in. Thus, if you are a bright or dark environment the Kindle Voyage will smartly adjust its inbuilt light. Another impressive feature of the Kindle Voyage is the smart sensor on the bezel of the device, with just a little pressure on the bezel you can now switch between pages without even lifting your finger! Amazon definitely gave it a thought while creating these devices and kept the reader in mind. Also, the device just weighs 180 grams that is just 20 grams above the base model! Isn’t that impressive?

Amazon Kindle Oasis

Finally, the Kindle Oasis the first device which was made waterproof by Amazon as the name suggests, so that you could take your Kindle anywhere worry-free. The Kindle Oasis is waterproof with the IPX8 rating. It also has a larger screen than all the other Kindles of 7 inches which also has a resolution of 300 PPI but fits over 30% more words per page than the other Kindles. The Oasis also has two dedicated buttons on the bezel which makes it perfect for one hand reading. The ergonomic design of the Oasis also shifts the weight of the device to the middle of your palm for the most comfortable feel even though it just weighs 194 grams. The Kindle Oasis also has a larger storage capacity and comes in an 8 GB or a 32 GB version.

What are the Kindle Paperwhite; Voyage & Oasis “Free 3G” Models?

Are you wondering what the “Free 3G” option in the above mentioned 3 Kindles mean? Let us illuminate you! Basically, these Kindle models come with a built-in 3G connection similar to what our smartphones do with sim cards. But! The only difference being once you buy the Wi-Fi + Free 3G model then you never need to pay any recurring fee or charge for the 3G usage. Yes! You heard us right! It’s absolutely free by Amazon. The free 3G is provided by Amazon in over 100 registered countries and wherever you find no 3G connection (which is very rare) you can use the alternative built-in Wi-Fi.

What Is Amazon Kindle Unlimited?

Now, for any avid reader out there, buying books all the time can be heavy on the pocket or you might simply just want to rent one! Amazon has got you covered here too! With the Amazon Kindle Unlimited now you can enjoy a wide range of titles absolutely unlimited for a monthly price of just INR 150.00. Read any number of books which are offered under the Kindle Unlimited, there’s simply no limit to it! There are over 1 million most trending titles which are under the Kindle Unlimited plan. You can also get a free 30 days trial if you are a new kindle unlimited subscriber. You can also download the Kindle app to get access to your books from anywhere either from your Smartphone or tablet.

Kindle Bundled Starter Packs

To get started with the Kindle device, as a first-time buyer the Kindle Bundled Started Packs are the best option and are the perfect value for money. The Bundled Started Pack is currently available only on the All-New Kindle and the Kindle Paperwhite. With the basic kindle bundled pack you get offers of up to INR 2,199 whereas with the Kindle Paperwhite bundled pack you get offers of up to INR 4,199. It’s a complete value for money offer.

All-New Kindle Starter Pack Inclusions

In the bundle starter pack, you get the latest 6-inch Kindle eReader, a NuPro leather cover worth INR 999.00, a two-year device protection plan worth INR 1,199.00 and a 50% discount Amazon coupons on any kindle books (maximum up to INR 1000.00).

Kindle Paperwhite Starter Pack Inclusions

In the bundle starter pack, you get the latest 6-inch kindle paperwhite eReader, a NuPro leather cover worth INR 1,299.00, a two-year device protection plan worth INR 2,199.00 and a 50% discount Amazon coupons on any kindle books (maximum up to INR 2000.00).

The Kindle is a brilliant device and any book lover is certainly going to love the technology and the concept behind the Kindle eBook readers. So, don’t miss out on the exciting Amazon coupons in the Amazon sale 2018 on the various Kindle devices, so go grab yours now!

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