DJ Zaeden, who is currently stealing the spotlight after his recent, officially remixed a song by Maroon 5 and Kendrick Lamar, ‘Don't Wanna Know’, which has been featured on Maroon 5’s official Facebook page. Zaeden also closed for DJ David Guetta’s Mumbai concert and has been praised for his talent and style by EDM heavyweights Hardwell, KSHMR and Guetta himself. The young lad will be the first Indian to play at Looptopia in Taiwan, which is slated to be held on April 08 - 09. 


How would you differentiate yourself from a contemporary musician and the many others in EDM today? 
Well, I’d like to believe that I’m unique but not superior. I still have miles to go before I reach somewhere. It’s funny but I’m called the ‘Justin Bieber of India’. I think what I bring to the table is raw energy and my personality reflects in my music. My onstage and offstage persona is more or less the same and hence very relatable.

Give us a brief on the style of music you create? 
I make music out of inspiration. It could come to me in my bedroom or when I’m in transit at an airport or when I’m taking a shower. I’m always open to creativity. My last two songs were pop deep house records and the next ones are totally different from the songs that I’ve put out. It’s always good to not categorise your music.

How did it feel to represent India on stages as big as Tomorrowland at the age of 19? 
It’s an amazing feeling to represent India at Tomorrowland of course. Thanks to Borgeous for believing in my music and also giving me a chance to perform beside him at Tomorrowland. I worked really hard for it and seeing my dream come to life was an experience that I have no words for.  

Who, in EDM, are you a fan off, and why?
Chainsmokers. I love the stuff they put out and the performances they deliver.

What is the future of EDM in India and how is this going to pan out for you?
Today, India is no longer an insignificant market when it comes to the dance music genre. We have every top producer coming to the country and doing multiple gigs every year. We have homegrown artist’s crossing over and collaborating with their Western counterparts. EDM is global movement and I’m happy to be a part of it and put India on the world map. When you refer to EDM you no longer confine it to a particular city or country. It’s going to stay for next 15 years for sure and there will be newer sounds coming out.

Who are you most excited to share the stage with at the Looptopia Music Festival in Taiwan?
KSHMR, he is one guy who’s always supported me. I can’t wait to meet him in Taiwan.

Is this your maiden trip to Taiwan? If so, what else are you excited about apart from playing at the festival?
The food for sure and experiencing the different culture there as well. I’m always inspired by culture as that lends to my music.

How does it feel to be the first Indian Artist playing at Looptopia, Taiwan? You’re only 21, what are the other festivals that you aspire to play at? 
It feels awesome! I’m going to be announcing a lot more Asia tour dates real soon. I would love to play at Ultra Miami one day! I hope that happens soon.

What’s next in the pipeline for 2017? 
A lot of new tracks are coming out. Two new singles— one with Raghav and another with Ankit Tiwari. Both are really different in their sound and fresh! I’m sure the response will be massive!

By Askari Jaffer