Hyderabad: Arogya Lakshmi Scheme for the pregnant and lactating women aims to provide supplement nutritious food for women. The number of enrolment is rising and Anganwadi centres are creating awareness about the scheme among people in the city. The cooked food is provided from Mana Trust meals, which would reach all the Anganwadi centres by 11 am and it would be distributed to all the pregnant women by 12 noon.

The meal consists of dal, vegetable curry and curd. In addition, 200 ml of milk is supplied twice in a week. Under the scheme, the officials also provide egg every day. There are 914 Anganwadi centres across the city. The pregnant women who have enrolled for the month of September rose to 30 per cent.

The number of women enrolled for September was 3,024 (pregnant women 1,715 and lactating women 1,309); whereas for August, 2,586 (pregnant women 1428 and lactating women 1158) were enrolled. The supervisor of Charminar Anganwadi centre V Swathi said, ``The number of enrolment is increased by 30 per cent and we provide cooked and nutritious food to all the pregnant women.”

K Harika, a 9-month pregnant woman said, `` I go to the Anganwadi centre every day and take food and inform other pregnant women about the scheme. ”

Zeenath Begum, another pregnant woman said, ``The food quality is good and is very tasty; I go around 1.30 pm to have my lunch. And the food is distributed till 3 pm.”

District Welfare Officer for Women and Child GK Sunanda said, ``Many pregnant women have enrolled for this Arogya Lakshmi Scheme and collector gave instructions saying all the women below and above poverty line should utilise these benefits. And encourage women to go the government hospitals for deliveries.”

"We want to encourage women to go to the government hospitals for the deliveries. Enrol their names for KCR Kit to the pregnant women with 16 essential items for a newborn worth about Rs 2,000 is given to the mother and child. An amount of Rs 12,000 is given at different stages of ante-natal and post-natal care. If the woman is blessed with a girl child, an additional Rs 1,000 is given to the mother," she added.