Three business ideas that impressed Ivanka Trump
Three business ideas that impressed Ivanka Trump

Hyderabad : Advisor to US President Ivanka Trump, in her speech at Global Entrepreneurship Summit at HICC on Tuesday, has made a special mention of three innovative businesses started by women entrepreneurs and also introduced them to the elite audience of over 1500 delegates including Prime Minister Narender Modi.
Ivanka first introduced Dara Dotz from San Francisco. Dara had spent over a decade working in underserved communities around the world. She witnessed firsthand that many times people need very simple items - a bucket for carrying water, a splint to treat an injury, or a part to fix a generator. Dara co-founded Field Ready to provide life-saving supplies through 3-D printing. Today, Dara's company responds to disasters all over the world and delivers humanitarian aid with cutting-edge technology.
"Through her innovative solutions, Dara is saving lives and bringing hope to thousands of communities. Thank you, Dara. Please stand," Ivanka said while introducing her to the audience.
She also introduced Rajlakshmi Borthakur from Bangalore. "When her (Rajalakshmi) son began having seizures at a young age, she decided to create her own solution to better monitor his health. She invented a smart glove that predicts, manages, and detects different diseases and disorders using Artificial Intelligence. Now her company, Terra Blue, aims to make specialty healthcare accessible in even the most remote places in India. Rajlakshmi - your courage and determination is truly remarkable. Please stand," she said.
Ivanka also introduced Reyhan Camalova from Azerbaijan. "Reyhan is 15 years old. But that hasn't stopped her from founding a company that harvests energy from rainwater. Reyhan has a powerful motto - "Light up one house at a time." Reyhan, each home you light up is illuminating the world. We are all inspired by your brilliance and hard work. Thank you. Please stand," she said.
The Advisor to US President said these women represent the vision, ambition, and grit of every entrepreneur here today. "You are saving lives, creating jobs, and bringing hope to our communities. You are transforming our societies one business, and one customer, at a time. You prove to the world that we have the power to rise above the challenges of our day - to pioneer new pathways forward - and to leave our mark on this moment in history," she said while praising those innovative entrepreneurs.