Drainage overflows, sullies ex-MLA image

Drainage overflows, sullies ex-MLA image

Every day the residents of Dhoolpet and Managalhat face some civic issue, be it a worse road or a drain water leakage Presently, massive drainage...

Goshamahal: Every day the residents of Dhoolpet and Managalhat face some civic issue, be it a worse road or a drain water leakage. Presently, massive drainage overflows are witnessed near Chishti Chaman, Guffa, Razdarkhan Pet, Aziz Bagh road etc. The roads are severely affected because of the drainage water and causing inconvenience to the residents and nearby shops. Along with the overflow of drains, sewage water is also overflowing from a manhole damaging the entire road. Several complaints have been given to Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) officials, and the residents are irked with no response from the officials. Regular commuters who pass were seen frustrated with the drain water leakage.

The residents said, it was really disappointing that we have been complaining to the officials about the issue but there was no response from them, there should be no further delay and authorities need to conduct maintenance work like clearing the drains and manholes regularly to fix the problem permanently. “Politicians are busy in the election campaign and they even visited the area where drain overflows are visible for the last 15 days,” Mohan Kumar stated. Moreover, ex-MLA T Raja Singh while releasing his report card on development activities, talks about ‘saaf niyat, sahi vikaas’. The report card states that nearly Rs 2,75,12,483 was initiated for the development of Goshamahal constituency, but residents say the MLA resides near to Dhoolpet and Mangalhat, but he never visited these areas in the past 5 years. “We have been facing these civic issues every day.”

The report card is being distributed by his party members among voters of Goshamahal constituency. It mentions of huge amounts of work having been carried out in the constituency, but the facts are totally different to what is written in the report card. Till now there are no proper roads, no regular drinking water supply and no proper drainage system. Under Swachh Bharat Mission, the GHMC is installing wet and dry waste garbage cans in the entire state and also many awareness paintings have been sketched on the walls of roads and flyover, but in Goshamahal constituency, there are no such activities done, says Prakash Singh, a resident of Mangalhat.

Shaker Ahmed, a resident said, “The residents are facing the drainage water issue for the last 15 days, I have been complaining to the officials regularly, but they have not turned up to resolve the issue. Many times, after a complaint the GHMC cleans the drain, but within a day or two the problem recurs. This work should be fixed permanently.”

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