Puppy sales seen on the rise in city

Puppy sales seen on the rise in city

Every dog has his day, so goes the saying but there are some dogs that are so precious, thanks to their breed are most sought after by dog lovers

Hyderabad: Every dog has his day, so goes the saying but there are some dogs that are so precious, thanks to their breed are most sought after by dog lovers. There are close to 160 dog sellers and 30,000 domestic dogs in the city. Mohd Adil Alam Khan, treasurer, Hyderabad Canine Club (HCC) says, “People living in apartments prefer dogs like Pug and Havanese. There is an increase in dog sales as more and more people are coming forward to have dogs as pets.”

Prices of a dog differ and are based on the breed. The Kennel Club of India (KCI) has a registered parental history of dogs. The club also conducts dog shows in the country. Price of a dog is completely dependent on the demand and supply. Earlier we used to import dogs from across the world but currently importing dogs is banned. We have 25 dogs which are rare and exotic in India, imported before the ban and right now their parenteral tree is still going on and we provide it, according to a dog trader Mohammed Moinuddin who owns Ammu’s Pets & Kennels. A dog lover Priyanka Veer says, “Since childhood we’ve always had dogs in our family, not just dogs but pigeon, rescued parrot, cats, fish and once we even rescued a monkey. So our home has always been a mini zoo. But dogs have always been a family for me; we have two Indies, a German Shepherd and a Pit bull. I consult a dog nutritionist in Bengaluru for the right combination of protein, carbs and veggies.”

The price and stature of the dog depends on age, height, weight, quality, face, teeth, hair, life span and registration papers. Moreover, Dog specialists says that puppies are available in diverse parts of Hyderabad and are mainly sold at price range starting from Rs 5000 to Rs 80,000 for genuine breed along with KCI registered papers and pet quality. Show quality and rare puppies are starting from Rs 35000 and go in lakhs based on the import lineage. Breed of a dog is identify from its neck, through an injection a microchip is inserted in dog’s neck which is called as ‘Dog Color’. It also helps to identify safest bet for getting your lost dog returned to you safely. These tiny chips are embedded between dog’s shoulder or else on neck and when it is scanned can be used to identify a dog.

Deven Baheti who started a pet café in the city said that dogs are friendly and it’s good to raise a dog at your house. But we need to take care of its diet; Studies have shown that an estimated 40-50% of dogs are overweight, which significantly increases their chance of contracting serious diseases and illnesses. Keeping your dog on a nutritious diet not only helps keep it at a healthy weight but may also reduce the risk of cancer and heart diseases. He further explained that feeding a dog a brand of pet food that is natural and high in vitamins and nutrients plays a crucial role in maintaining a dog's overall health. For dogs 5-star rated pet food is the best nutrition. Most of the people feed their dog homemade food, but natural canned dog food is also available in delicious grain-free flavors in chicken, duck, freshwater trout, vegetable and salmon fish.

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