Healthy nutty option

Healthy nutty option

Nut eaters tend to have healthier diets because nuts replace unhealthy processed foods And nuts monounsaturated fatty acids tend to target belly fat, too

Nut eaters tend to have healthier diets because nuts replace unhealthy processed foods. And nuts' monounsaturated fatty acids tend to target belly fat, too.

This nut offers a great balance of healthy fats, including omega-3 fatty acids that provide essential nutrients, which are shown to protect your heart and lower triglycerides. Omega-3s are mainly found in fish, making walnuts ideal for those who don't eat seafood. Plus, walnuts contain antioxidants and phytonutrients that are known to help lower inflammation levels and prevent type 2 diabetes. And they're even rich in melatonin, which promotes a healthy sleep cycle.

You can almost think of each almond as a natural weight-loss pill. Yes, nuts are high in fat. But when you're trying to lose weight, eating a moderate portion of monounsaturated fat-boasting almonds can keep you feeling full and prevent you from snacking. A study found that obese adults who included almonds in their weight-loss plans lost more weight than those who ate more complex carbohydrates. And if you consume this nut regularly, you can put yourself at a lower risk for developing heart disease.

It was and is one of the healthiest foods you can eat at the ballpark, boasting protein, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, niacin, folate and vitamin E. Plus, eating peanuts can help reduce the chance of stroke and help boost your energy. Since they're packed with fiber and protein, peanuts can keep you satisfied and full for a long time, helping manage your hunger.

Pistachios are low in calories and high in protein, potassium and fiber. Plus, they're packed with monounsaturated fatty acids that help control cholesterol. And they can help promote weight loss.

While cashews may have a fatty and buttery-tasting flavor, they're brimming with nutrients like iron (which helps deliver oxygen to your cells, and, in turn, helps prevent anemia), zinc (crucial to immune health and healthy vision) and magnesium (which may help improve your memory). Smooth and rich cashew butter packs a nutritional punch, too.

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