Anglo-Indians quota seats go abegging


Anglo-Indians quota seats go abegging. The State government has reserved 185 seats exclusively for the Anglo-Indian community in engineering, medical, ...

The State government has reserved 185 seats exclusively for the Anglo-Indian community in engineering, medical, dental, architecture, pharmacy and MBA colleges across the State and earmarked Rs 75 lakhs for two medical seats and Rs 65 lakhs for 100 Engineering seats in universities.

However, only 27 seats in engineering have been filled by Anglo-Indians. In MBA, the situation is even worse as out of the 30 seats, only two get filled.
There are 30 seats in MBA, 20 in MCA and 16 in Pharmacy but last year there were only two takers for MBA seats and just one opted for MCA. Nominated MLA Christine Lazarus said, “We have been conducting awareness programmes across the State and urging community members to take advantage of the government schemes.”
A member of the community said, “There are a couple of associations in the Hyderabad that are always at logger heads. In the process it is the community members who suffer as many are unaware of the government schemes. People do not know that possessing a community certificate is mandatory.”
Infighting among the community and conflict of interest among community leaders are reasons cited for the state of affairs.
Christine Lazarus said, “It is imperative that the candidates procure a community certificate and get it signed by the sitting MLA but due to a few individuals it is not happening.”
There are at least four associations (Anglo-Indian Welfare Association (AIWA), The All India Anglo-Indian Association, Anglo-Indian United and Anglo-Indian for Anglo-Indians) in the Hyderabad that claim to be representatives of the community but the saddest part is none look at the larger picture of community good. Unless the youth get good education the community would not progress. If the community leaders keep aside their differences and work for the Anglo-Indians it would make a huge difference,” said Karl (name changed on request).
Warren La Touché, president The All India Anglo-Indian Association said, “We want the community members to prosper and progress but in the garb of Anglo-Indians many people come to us for community certificate.
We are very strict on one count; we make sure that they fall under the definition of an Anglo-Indian which is stipulated by the constitution. We make sure that the father or any of his progenitors in the male line is or was of European decent and who is domiciles within the territory of India as per article 266/6 of the constitution. ”
The population in the Hyderabad and Secunderabad is around 8,000 and 4.5 lakh in the country.
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