Victim of a Failed DIY Interior Design Project? It's Time You Log on to UrbanClap

Victim of a Failed DIY Interior Design Project? Its Time You Log on to UrbanClap

Imagine a situation wherein you are inspired by a DIY project on YouTube, and you are all pumped up about doing it yourself. However, half way through the project you realize that it's more than what you can chew.

Imagine a situation wherein you are inspired by a DIY project on YouTube, and you are all pumped up about doing it yourself. However, half way through the project you realize that it's more than what you can chew. What do you do in this situation? The internet is flooded with stories about a DIY project going all wrong. Take the example of the following epic draw design failure. Our novice home designer forgot to chop off the extra piece of wood that made it impossible for the drawer to open.

Difference between Doing Yourself versus Hiring a Professional Interior Designer

If you are looking to give your home a facelift, for instance adding an extra room or sprucing up the balcony or the kitchen, you want to make sure it's done right. Those fancy videos on Facebook and Images of Pinterest may tempt you to pull out the toolbox, but should you really try your hand at doing it yourself?

Well, DIY's are great. It's a bold move and is also an excellent way to kick-start a hobby. However, when it comes to an ambitious home décor project, you need to weigh your decision carefully.

Q 1 – Do you have enough time?

People who have a lot of time at hand can certainly start and finish a DIY project. But if you have a full-time job and weekend is the only time you have to work on the décor? In such a case, the DIY endeavour will become frustrating after a while. The timeline of the project may increase, and you may end it on a shoddy note in an attempt to finish it quickly.

Q 2- Is it worth your time and effort?

Completing DIY projects is extremely gratifying. There are no two ways about it. But is it really all that time and effort? Something that could have been done in 1 or 2 weeks can take months of your effort. Secondly, at times the budget of a DIY project can spiral out of control. For example, you have miscalculated the measurements or got the alignment wrong. The money and time that will be consumed to rectify these mistakes can be overwhelming.

On the other hand, hiring a professional designer is beneficial because of the following reasons –

Better Quality – Fineness and quality of work done by a professional contractor or designer will be superior to that of a novice.

Shorter Time – Professional designers will complete the task faster. Instead of you working independently on the project, designers will have a team of workers who will ensure that the job is completed on time.

How UrbanClap can help

So if you have been a victim of the DIY bug, here what you need to do to redeem yourself.

Step 1 - Start by logging on to UrbanClap

UrbanClap is a service portal where you can find the listing of professional service providers. The platform offers a range of service from home care, interior design even business services like web designing and digital marketing. Currently, the service of UrbanClap is available in eight cities – Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. So, if you are looking for an interior, you will get the complete listing of interior designers in Kolkata on UrbanClap.

Step 2 – State your requirement

Finding an interior designer who can take over an unfinished project can be difficult. However, with UrbanClap you can find interior designers who may be willing to work on such a project. All you need to do is set your requirement in advance. The platform offers assistance of interior designers who can take over an ongoing project.

Breathe a Sigh of Relief

Now that you have handed over the project to a professional designer, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The designers listed on the website are highly professional. You don't have to worry about the unnecessary delays or escalated cost. The designers will ensure that they deliver the work promptly so that they can earn good reviews.

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