Google Meet brings new features for teachers and students

Google Meet brings new features for teachers and students

Google Meet brings new features for teachers and students


Google Meet will soon come with more control for teachers to end the call, mute everyone, and many more.

This year Google has announced more than 50 new features for its educational products, including Classroom, Meet, and Chrome. On Google Meet, teachers get more control with options to end meetings for everyone, mute all students, moderation tools, and more. The new Google Meet features to be rolled out later this year.

Teachers will soon be able to wrap up meetings for everyone on the call, even in small group rooms. This feature prevents students from staying even after the teacher has left the call. In the coming weeks, teachers will have the option to mute all participants at once. Google will also give teachers the option to control when students can unmute. This feature will be rolled out in the coming months.

Google Meet on tablets and smartphones for iOS and Android will have access to moderation controls, such as joining meetings, using chat, or sharing their screen. Google is also adding emoji reactions for students on Meet. This function will also be under the control of teachers and administrators.

Google is also making Classroom and Meet work better together. Meetings generated from Classroom will require teachers to join first, and Meet will know who is on the Classroom list. All Classroom teachers will be meeting organizers by default, and non-Classroom meetings will also support multiple organizers.

The Google Meet admin console also gives school leaders the option to decide who can join their school's video calls, and if people from their school can join other schools' video calls. Google said it has also made "significant improvements" to Meet's performance on Chromebooks to improve audio, video, and multitasking capabilities.

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