5 Smartphone Apps That Manage Your Finances Better

5 Smartphone Apps That Manage Your Finances Better

Here's a list of smartphone apps which will help you manage your finances better.

All thanks to the internet, all our activities ranging from watching a web series to financial transactions can be done with a click of a button on a smartphone.

Thanks to the internet, as most of our activities, are being done online these days from watching web series to financial transactions. Now we have many apps which are available for calculating taxes, managing finances, and splitting bills.

These are the five apps that can help you manage your finances.


The app allows users to make envelopes or sections in which they can allot money to be spent on a particular activity. One can create a category like transportation and keep a specific amount in that envelope. In the same way, a user can create an envelope for groceries. The basic idea behind this is to keep track of the money that is being spent on each activity.

Monefy – Money Manager

Monefy is available for both Android and iOS, Monefy is primarily a personal finance manager and expense. The expenses are displayed in the form of graphs and diagrams, which makes easy for the users to understand one's cash outflow. It also includes features like inbuilt calculator, budget modem and multi-currency support.


Expensify keeps track of receipts and helps manage expenses on the go. Some significant features of the app include Corporate Cards, Advanced Tax Tracking, Automatic Accounting Sync, Expense Rules, Auditor Access, among others.


Splitwise is an app that organizes all shared expenses, and it comes for free. The user has to create a group of people to share the expenses. After the group is formed, please enter the amount that needs to be split and also mention how it has to be divided.

Money manager

Here personal finances and financial transactions can be tracked. Money manager help to sort budgets and expenses by a graph. Based on the data entered, the expense can be seen by category. The app comes with password protection to help safely manage financial review account book.

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