8 Amazing Features Of Android 11th Version

8 Amazing Features Of Android 11th Version
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Laughing out louder, many will count the numbers, isn’t it? Yes…


Well, can anyone guess what is it???

Laughing out louder, many will count the numbers, isn't it? Yes But they are not just numbers but the android versions which made our mobiles turn into smartphones.

Now, the 11th version of Android is ready to hit the markets and thus we have come up with a write-up with its amazing features... Have a look!

1. Scrolling Screenshots

Till now we could only capture the screen which we could see… But now onwards screenshot option will also be available in scroll mode too. That means we can even take the screenshot with the scrolling option and capture the images.

2. Screen Recording

Well, how do we take videos??? That's a simple thing!!! But in the 11th version, we can even add our voices to the videos and make them more lively and interesting. This makes us create video tutorials with much ease.

3. Bluetooth Enabled Airplane Mode

What if we keep enabling Airplane mode??? This makes our phones to stay silent and stop receiving and making calls along with switching off mobile data and internet. But now on, you can happily connect your wireless headsets and listen to songs even if you on Airplane mode.

4. Motion Sense Gesture

This is the ultimate feature which is making every gadget guru get excited… What to do to stop the music??? Well, we click on the pause button. But from now, you can just show the pause symbol with your hand to your phone and the music gets paused. This is the specialty of the 'Motion Sense Gesture' feature. Anything can be done with just a hand symbols.

5. Bubble Chat

Same like Facebook messenger app, the smartphones which have 11th version of android will have the bubble chat options. Yes… If anyone sends you a message, you can immediately reply to them with this bubble option without making your screen get disturbed. You need to just enable the bubble chat option in the settings.

6. Conversation Section

When a notification alerts us, we need to go back to the main screen and click on it to know the complete information. But what if we can see and reply for a message or check the complete notification message on the screen itself??? Yes… It is possible in the 11th version and you can also copy and paste if you need anything from the notification itself.

7. Safe Permissions

For suppose we install an application on our mobile, we need to first enable all the permissions to use it. After the usage of that app also the permissions stay enabled and this makes us get worried about cyberbullying. But in the 11th version, the permissions get disabled once you get logged out from the app automatically. This makes our data stay safe and stops from getting hacked.

8. Dark Mode

Well, the dark theme automatically gets enabled after the clock turns 7 PM. Isn't safe for our eyes??? Yes… Less lighting at night is good for eye health.

These amazing features are making us wait for the mobiles which come up with the 11th version of 'Android'.

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