Alert! Want to Download Telegram? Beware of Bogus Telegram Apps

Alert! Want to Download Telegram? Beware of Bogus Telegram Apps

Alert! Want to Download Telegram? Beware of Bogus Telegram Apps


Be careful while downloading the Telegram app! These Bogus Telegram apps are reported to be hacking into devices and stealing user data.

After other social media apps and WhatsApp, reports now highlight the risk of fake Telegram downloads. Scammers are now catching users with fake Telegram apps. Fake Telegram apps have been reported to be available on the internet and those who download them have suffered data loss and more. So, if you download from Telegram, make sure it is from a genuine source, otherwise, your device may be hacked. Cybersecurity researchers reported that fake Telegram apps pose a great threat to users as they easily bypass antivirus systems.

Hackers Are Transferring Purple Fox Malware Via Bogus Telegram, as reported by Minerva Labs, launched in 2014 by former Israel Defense Forces officers who served in the elite cyber forces, duplicate Telegram app installers are widely circulating on the internet. This consists of hidden Windows-based 'Purple Fox' malware that compromises users' systems. Minerva reported that a large number of malicious installers have been found delivering the 'Purple Fox' version of the rootkit using the same attack chain. This malware is sent via email or downloaded from phishing websites.

They have mentioned that the Telegram rogue app installers have a compiled script from AutoIt (a free BASIC-like scripting language) called "Telegram Desktop.exe". This is the first step of the attack, after which a new folder called "TextInputh" is created and a legitimate Telegram installer and malicious downloader are removed.

The portal has explained that the malware infects a system through a chain of files that work together. These device attacks can be executed effectively without being detected. In her statement, Minerva said: "The beauty of this attack is that every stage is separated to a different file which are useless without the entire file set. This helps the attacker protect his files from AV detection."

Purple Fox malware was first discovered in 2018 and is believed to be one of the most malicious malware that can be planted on a system outside of the reach of security solutions and evade detection. Once it is infected in the system, it allows the backdoor to spread more quickly.

Users are advised to download the Telegram app from legitimate sources like Google Play Store or Apple App Store only. Users should avoid apk versions of apps or apps that contain suspicious links from any other website.

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