Apple To Redesign iPhone 12

Apple To Redesign iPhone 12
Apple To Redesign iPhone 12

As per the reports, Apple will extend the design of its new iPad Pro to the upcoming iPhone12.

Apple is all prepared to make a bold design change in the iPhone 12. The identical look of all the iPhones with the rounded edges could be replaced with a flatter design, the reports suggest.

This weekend a new set of images appeared online, revealing CAD sketches and moulds for the upcoming latest smartphone series. When observed the photos, the sides look flatter than traditional.

It is said that the new design resembles the new iPad Pro to a greater extent. Interestingly, it is rumoured that Apple is extending the same design for one of its upcoming Macs. A flatter design might be familiar for Apple lovers. Before Apple started experimenting with the curved edges and larger screens, its old-gen iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 had the square design.

The design ensured iPhones were different from the rest. The box-type design became very rare as most of the smartphone firms have embraced curved edges to add more real estate to the screen. Samsung's galaxy note phones are a bit flatter than the remaining but not the type of iPhone 12 is going to have.

Other than the radical design change, the new leak discloses three different screen sizes which will be available on the four models expected in the upcoming iPhone 12. As per reports, Apple's iPhone 12 will flaunt a 5.4-inch display. The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Max will bring a display of around 6.1-inch. The premium iPhone 12 Pro Max will bring a larger 6.7-inch screen. The images also reveal a rear camera module which also brings along almost three sensors and one flash.

As per information, the iPhone12 is all set to launch in the latter half of the year 2020. Until the official unveiling, we won't find out what precisely the new phones will bring along. But don't neglect the leaks as they've become quite near with their predictions.

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