Elon Musk to Enter the Smart TV Market with the X TV App

Elon Musk

Elon Musk


Elon Musk makes a bold move into the smart TV industry with X TV, promising a transformative entertainment experience for users.

In a recent announcement, Elon Musk, the visionary entrepreneur, disclosed plans to enter the smart TV market with his latest venture, the X TV app. The news surfaced through a post shared by @XNews on the X platform, formerly known as Twitter. While specific details are scarce, a brief teaser video accompanying the announcement hinted at the imminent availability of X TV on smart TVs worldwide.

Linda Yaccarino, CEO of X, expressed her excitement, stating, “From the small screen to the big screen, X is changing everything. Soon we’ll bring real-time, engaging content to your smart TVs with the X TV App.”

X TV is poised to offer users an immersive entertainment experience on larger screens. Highlighted features include a trending video algorithm, AI-driven personalized content suggestions, and enhanced video search capabilities. The app will facilitate seamless cross-device viewing, enabling users to transition seamlessly between mobile devices and TVs and effortlessly cast their favourite videos onto the big screen.

While Linda provided insights into X TV's functionality and widespread availability on most smart TVs, details regarding data usage and AI integration remain undisclosed. Musk's latest venture into the tech industry expands his already diverse portfolio, including electric vehicles, space exploration, and renewable energy solutions. With X TV, Musk aims to redefine user interaction with smart TVs, promising a more tailored and captivating entertainment experience.

As development progresses, the X Corporation encourages community involvement in shaping the app's future. With Musk's innovative vision driving the project forward, anticipation is high among tech enthusiasts and entertainment aficionados eager to experience X TV's transformative impact on smart TV viewing.

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