Google to Pull These 10 Apps from Play Store Over Non-Compliance

Google to Pull These 10 Apps from Play Store Over Non-Compliance

Google will enforce Play Store guidelines by removing 10 popular apps due to prolonged non-payment by developers.

Google has announced its intention to remove 10 popular apps from the Play Store due to developers' non-compliance with guidelines. Despite extended periods of unpaid services, these developers have failed to meet the platform's requirements.

The decision to remove these apps stems from Google's commitment to consistently enforcing its policies across the ecosystem. Despite efforts to collaborate with developers and find solutions, Google emphasizes the importance of upholding fair practices and ensuring a level playing field for all app developers.

Google said in a blog post, "Today, we have over 200,000 Indian developers using Google Play who adhere to our policies, helping us ensure we have a safe platform; however, for an extended period of time, 10 companies, including many well-established ones, have chosen to not pay for the immense value they receive on Google Play by securing interim protections from court. These developers comply with payment policies of other app stores."

Google has given these developers more than three years to prepare, including three weeks after a Supreme Court order, before taking necessary enforcement steps. "We've always respected local laws. For years, no court or regulator has denied Google Play's right to charge for the value and services we provide. On 9 February, the Supreme Court also refused to interfere with our right to do so. While some of the developers that were refused interim protection have started fairly participating in our business model and ecosystem, others choose to find ways to not do so," the company said in the blog post.

According to Google's Payments Policy, developers have several options to comply with guidelines. They can allow users to access content paid for outside the app without incurring service fees or offer alternative billing systems alongside Google Play's, with additional fee reductions for users.

Google has informed developers that they have alternative options to distribute their apps, including other app stores or direct distribution through websites. Existing users will still be able to access the apps without any interruptions during this transition period.

Despite these measures, Google remains committed to investing in India's digital future, ensuring the highest standards of technology in the ecosystem. The company looks forward to collaborating with the entire ecosystem to ensure the long-term success of these efforts in India.

"In a move that undermines the spirit of innovation and competition, our app's delisting by Google over the user choice billing issue marks a regressive step for digital entrepreneurship. This action not only stifles our ability to serve our users effectively but also sets a concerning precedent for app developers in India, challenging the very principles of a free and fair digital marketplace."

Ravi Mittal, Founder and CEO of QuackQuack

Android apps of matrimony platform Shaadi, Alt Balaji’s Altt, multiple apps from portfolio, audio platform Kuku FM and dating services Truly Madly and Quack Quack were no longer accessible on the Play Store.

The decision to remove these apps underscores Google's dedication to maintaining a fair and secure environment for users and developers within the Play Store ecosystem.

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