Microsoft Seeing AI App Arrives on Android: Features and Uses

Microsoft Seeing AI App Arrives on Android: Features and Uses

Microsoft's commitment to inclusivity is evident as Seeing AI empowers users with visual impairments in daily activities.

Microsoft celebrates the International Day of Persons with Disabilities by launching the Seeing AI app for Android. Tailored for blind and low-vision users, the app offers enhanced features such as document scanning, surroundings identification, and product labelling.

Microsoft Seeing AI App

The upgraded app, designed to empower users in their daily activities, reads mail, identifies products, provides photo descriptions, and more through a smartphone. Users can capture images of their surroundings or documents, and the app narrates detailed descriptions.

Microsoft Seeing AI App: Features and Uses

Users can click on an image in their environment or any document and the app will narrate the description of the image.

Generative AI features allow users to ask specific questions about menu items, and prices on receipts, or request article summaries.

Clicking on "more info" generates a comprehensive image description.

The app performs various tasks, including reading texts, scanning products, identifying people, recognizing currency notes, and more.

Initially available for iOS, the Seeing AI app now extends its benefits to Android users, offering new AI features for image descriptions, question-asking, document scanning, and more. The move reflects Microsoft's commitment to inclusivity and accessibility for users with visual impairments.

Microsoft said, "There are over 3 billion active Android users worldwide, and bringing Seeing AI to this platform will provide so many more people in the blind and low vision community the ability to utilize this technology in their everyday lives. We will continue to work with the community to understand feedback to improve the app."

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