OpenAI GPT-5 Launch: Expected Date, Upgrades, Price and More

OpenAI GPT-5 Launch: Expected Date, Upgrades, Price and More

OpenAI gears up for GPT-5 launch, promising a leap in AI capabilities with improved reasoning and multimodal interactions.

OpenAI's upcoming GPT-5, the next iteration of its AI language model, is generating significant buzz in the tech community. While the release date remains speculative, rumours suggest a potential launch in 2024. Despite the competition from other AI models like Microsoft's CoPilot and Meta's Llama, anticipation for GPT-5 is high, fueled by promises of enhanced capabilities.

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, has hinted at the arrival of GPT-5, although specific details are scarce. Speculation abounds regarding the release date, with reports suggesting a possible launch as early as the summer of 2024. Recent speculation pointed to April 22 as a potential unveiling date, but now attention has shifted to April 23. There are also murmurs of an intermediate version, GPT-4.5, preceding the full GPT-5 release, featuring improved performance and larger context windows.

Regarding features, GPT-5 is anticipated to exceed its predecessor, GPT-4, in parameters, potentially surpassing 1.5 trillion parameters. OpenAI aims for GPT-5 to be a cutting-edge language model, enhancing reasoning abilities and enabling more human-like interactions. Multimodal capabilities are also expected, allowing GPT-5 to process diverse inputs beyond text, such as images and videos, opening possibilities for real-world applications.

As for pricing, OpenAI's subscription model will likely continue, with GPT-5 available through a paid subscription similar to its predecessors. Currently, access to GPT-3.5, the previous model, requires a $20 monthly subscription. It's anticipated that GPT-5 will follow a similar pricing structure, offering advanced AI capabilities to subscribers.

In summary, the launch of OpenAI's GPT-5 represents a significant milestone in the evolution of AI language models. With enhanced features and capabilities, GPT-5 holds promise for revolutionizing human-machine interactions and opening new avenues for AI-driven applications across various industries.

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