PUBG New State players can loot items in vehicle trunks, store weapons

PUBG New State

PUBG New State makes vehicle trunks useful!


PUBG New State will allow players to store weapons and other loot items in the trunk of their vehicle. The feature can be useful for players looking for loot items.

PUBG New State is just a week away and Krafton has already started showing off new features. One of the newest is the "Trunk" feature, which is new to the PUBG universe. As demonstrated in a video, this feature allows you to use vehicles as additional mobile storage for your weapons and loot items. This is a great convenience for those who play with their squadmates.

The Trunk feature will be available for all PUBG New State features from Day 1. As the video demonstrates, players will be able to store all their loot and weapons in the trunk of a vehicle. To access this inventory, players will need to approach or sit inside the vehicle's truck.

PUBG New State makes vehicle trunks useful!

One of the Trunk feature use cases was demonstrated very well in the video shared by the PUBG New State YouTube channel. In the event that you recover your squadmate from the dead with a green flare gun, you can share the closest collected loot via the trunk. Your restored companion can pick up the gear and loot directly from the trunk of the vehicle.

Not only that, there is another scenario for this to be useful. You can use the trunk feature to swap weapons and loot items with other players in the vehicle while driving. In the event of combat, the vehicle can also be used as a supply source for medicines and other crucial weapons. Players will now see a "Trunk" button while driving or approaching a vehicle.

Krafton has only shown the Active Trunk function for cars and SUVs. It remains to be seen if Trunk will be available on aerial vehicles and two-wheelers in the game. With Trunk, the gaming experience is likely to change dramatically for old PUBG Mobile / BGMI players. It remains to be seen if Krafton brings this feature to BGMI in future updates.

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