Review: One Plus 7T

Review: One Plus 7T

The One Plus 7T comes with the company's new Warp Charge 30T that can charge the device 27% faster.

The OnePlus 7T targets the customers who are looking for the fastest devices on the market for a price that's nearly half of its competitors. If you've enjoyed OnePlus devices before this, you'll adore the 7T.


The OnePlus 7T looks similar to the OnePlus 7 in the front but very different in the back. The screen is slightly taller, which gives it a longer screen-to-body ratio of 20: 9. This extends the screen size to 6.55 inches versus 6.41 inches on the OnePlus 7, and the change is noticeable in hand. The phone feels a little more candy-shaped, and I enjoyed the extra space during my time with the device.

The notch of the waterdrop on the front has been reduced a bit. While this is not incredibly remarkable compared to OnePlus 7, it is nice to see OnePlus trying to mitigate the notch as much as possible. Many of the devices that the 7T competes with have eliminated the notch at this point and looks like OnePlus will continue to reduce the notch on its non-Pro devices over time.


OnePlus gave the 7T a 90Hz screen. Simply scrolling through the phone feels weird in the best way, since most of the screens you use every day are 50Hz or 60Hz. It is challenging to understand the phenomenon without seeing it for yourself, so it is recommended that you see one in a carrier store.

The OnePlus 7T is equally amazing in overall screen quality. We put the device through our internal test suite, and the 7T surpassed the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus in several areas. Given how much Samsung boasts about the quality of its screens, this is a great feat. The OnePlus opted for a 1080p panel for this device.


The OnePlus 7T has three cameras on the back just like OnePlus 7 Pro. The primary camera is the Sony IMX 586 48MP, which groups pixel images at 12MP for better light collection. The panoramic camera is technically a 13MP sensor but produces 12MP images. OnePlus does this to allow electronic image stabilisation on video without noticeable clippings. The third camera is a 2x telephoto lens, below the 3x telephoto lens of the OnePlus 7 Pro. Unfortunately, there is no optical stabilisation of the image on the telephoto lens, so you should stay a little more stable when using that shutter. The telephoto lens is 12MP.

The images are sharp, but not too bright, and the colours are great overall. There is a notable difference in the colour profiles of wide, standard and telephoto cameras. It is probably due to the automatic white balance that uses different sources at different focal distances.


OnePlus 7T uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, which until now is only found in a few devices. This chip is focused on games, with a fairly significant 15% increase in GPU over 855. Given that OnePlus devices have long been considered covert game phones, this change makes sense. It is impressive that OnePlus has been able to offer this chip at this price.


The OnePlus 7T has regular battery life. OnePlus increased the capacity to 3,800 mAh versus 3,700 mAh in the OnePlus 7, but the combination of the 90 Hz display and the higher power processor make this phone offer an average battery life at best. You will have about five hours and forty-five minutes of screen time by the time you reach five per cent of the battery.

The OnePlus 7T comes with the One Plus new Warp Charge 30T charger. This is a 30W brick, but OnePlus claims it has optimised energy transfer so it can charge phones 27% faster than its Warp Charge 30 brick.


The other hardware feature that keeps the device running fast is UFS 3.0 storage. One Plus first introduced this much faster storage option with OnePlus 7 Pro, and it is equally surprising that this feature has been extended to the most affordable device so fast.

128 GB is the only storage SKU that OnePlus is offering with this device in the US. But this should be fine for most users. Unfortunately, there is no expansion of microSD card available in 7T.

Given that OnePlus only offers a specific SKU for this phone, it is also good to see 8GB of RAM here. OnePlus has been known to provide excellent specifications at an incredible price, and that continues here.

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