WhatsApp releases new updates for iPhones; Details

WhatsApp releases new updates for iPhones; Details

WhatsApp is rolling out iOS version 23.13.82 for all users. The new update includes design updates, enhancements, and improvements to the sticker tray and avatars, to provide an improved user experience.

WhatsApp releases new features and fixes with app updates from time to time. In a recent update to the app for iOS users, the platform implemented some design changes along with improvements to the sticker and avatar sections.

WhatsApp for iOS version 23.13.82 reportedly brings a modified interface that features translucent bars to complement the overall aesthetic of the iOS software. According to Wabetainfo, the new iPhone interface will offer a redesigned experience with a translucent tab bar and navigation bar. The report mentions that "a similar interface was already available in WhatsApp for iOS 7, but WhatsApp decided to discontinue the translucent effect for unknown reasons." However, in the latest update, the Meta-owned app returns that design.

The new update has been rolled out for all iPhone users in the past few weeks. Although the official changelog does not mention the redesigned effect, we updated the app, and the new design was visible in the WhatsApp app. Users can update the app from App Store to get the new app update. After the update, users will also need to restart the app to see the changes. However, it should be noted that WhatsApp rolls out new changes gradually, so even after the update if the changes are not immediately visible, users may need to wait a few days to receive the update.

Once updated, users will notice that the top chat bar is translucent, similar to the iPhone notification bar. While the new interface doesn't bring any significant changes, it matches the iOS software's general aesthetic. Meanwhile, along with the new design changes, the update also includes improvements to the sticker tray, giving users easier navigation to access stickers. Additionally, the update improves the avatar sections, allowing users to see more avatars, stickers or GIFs during chats and select them in the tray accordingly.

With the new updates, WhatsApp aims to simplify the sticker and avatar sections, fixing the issues that some users have faced when trying to see the complete list of stickers available in a specific pack. The redesigned GIF and sticker picker feature makes it more convenient for users to search for GIFs and stickers, ultimately saving them time during one-on-one or group conversations. These new feature updates will benefit the users, improving their overall experience with the app.

Notably, WhatsApp is rolling out a new update for all iOS users. However, the platform notes that it will take a few weeks to update everyone. The WhatsApp changelog says: "These features will be rolled out in the coming weeks." This indicates that the update will be gradually made available to users over a while, ensuring a smooth and stable deployment process.

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