Aspiring speakers find right platform in Vaktha

Aspiring speakers find right platform in Vaktha

Two-day training programme, participants say, has emboldened them to make an impact on the society

Hyderabad: The participants of 76th batch of Vaktha said that they underwent complete transformation and felt a huge change after attending the two-day training session jointly organised by Kaushalya School of Life Skills and Hmtv on Saturday and Sunday.

Most of those, who took part, felt that they underwent transformation and they are now capable of changing the society.

The aspiring politicians and social workers equipped with high- level of self-confidence vowed to make an impact on the society with their enhanced communication skills.

Some of them felt that a complete change in their attitude and body language within two-days of training and vowed to maintain poise obtained through tips.

The Director (Training), Kapil Group and the lead faculty of the programme, D Bal Reddy, who gave tips on public speaking, asked the participants to note down and practise them regularly, if they were seriously aiming to transform themselves into good orators.

Public speaking, he explained, was a kind of skill, which everyone could learn by regular practice.

S Anand Parjanya, faculty on body language, trained the participants on maintaining their posture while delivering a speech and communicating at a public place.

He explained to the participants as to how the orator should communicate the subject with the coordinating actions of hands.

K Srikanth, another faculty, explained important techniques of voice modulation since a good speaker maintains a high tone while delivering the speech.

He made students practise some of the important tips and showed how voice culture and modulation can make a person an effective public speaker.

While providing their feedback, M Naveen Kumar said the training provided him with basic skills and vowed to practise regularly to become a good orator.

He said the two-days of training inculcated in him the ability to face huge gathering and developed courage to speak on any extempore subject.

He felt that a transformation in himself and change in his personality 'before and after' attending the training.

G Mahendar asserted that all the apprehensions were cleared during the two-day training programme and filled him with great confidence to facilitate him to become a good orator.

N Mahesh, who earlier tried to avoid stage, is now ready to grab the mike. He is confident of facing the situation rather than run away from being focal point of huge crowd.

K Muralidhar, who earlier found himself in an embarrassing situation while facing a huge crowd and stuttered before the audience, felt that he overcame all the stage fear and inhibitions.

The 77nd batch of Vaktha will be held on June 8 and 9. For further information interested persons may contact on phone number – 9553586062.

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