Bandi Sanjay Kumar raises pitch for Hindu Rashtra in Telangana

Bandi Sanjay Kumar

Bandi Sanjay Kumar


Hindus should unite and turn into vote bank to bring Hindu Rastra in Telangana in 2023, says TS BJP chief Bandi Sanjay Kumar

Nampally: Telangana State BJP chief Bandi Sanjay Kumar on Friday called upon the Hindus in Telangana to turn into a vote bank to bring Hindu Rashtra to power in Telangana.

Addressing a mammoth rally take out marking the occasion of Chatrapathi Sivaji Maharaj at Borabanda, he said, "there is no place for different colours of falgs (political parties) in Telangana, other than the saffron flag."Justifying this, the BJP chief said that the current ruling dispensation in the State is acting hand-in-glove with those who have inherited the ideology of Khasim Rizvi and acting against the Hindus in Telangana. Those who support and identify themselves as Hindus are facing troubles.

Those objecting to cow slaughter and objecting to 'Love Jihad' have been taken to task by the police at the behest of the ruling class in the State.We are not against the Hindus, as they are also Hindus.

But, there are a few anti-Hindu forces acting against the Hindus," he added. The Karimnagar MP said jails, bindover cases and false cases would not deter the BJP cadre and Hindus. If a rowdy sheet is opened it would be counted as a reward, he said. He asked people not to be scared of anyone and anything until achieving the dream of Sivaji Maharaj to bring Hindu Rastra.

He asked people to think how 4 lakh people had to sacrifice their lives for the construction of Ram Mandhir in Ayodhya in a country with 80 per cent Hindus in the majority.He asked the people and youth to emulate the spirit of Sivaji, Bhagat Singh, Sardar Vallabhai Patel to fight and defeat the minority appeasement rule in Telangana.

The State BJP chief also lambasted religious conversations being carried out in Telangana, luring innocent, illiterate and poor people. Without naming the TRS chief, he said that the Hindu society would recognise only such persons as Hindus who would come out to protect the Hindus. And, not just those who perform some pujas, rituals and Yagnas. Further, the State BJP chief urged the people to stand united to establish Hindu Rashtra in 2023 in Telangana. He said that statutes of Sivaji would be installed in every galli. "If not Sivaji, should we install the statues of Babar?" he asked, adding, " people will not rest until the crossroads in Borabanda is named as Sivaji Chowk."

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