DGP Mahender Reddy Appreciates Warangal Cyber Crime Police Department

DGP Mahender Reddy

DGP Mahender Reddy 


The number of crimes committed using technology has been increasing in recent times.

The number of crimes committed using technology has been increasing in recent times. Telling strangers about the OTP coming to a phone can make you lose the money in the bank in a matter of seconds. Under the current circumstances, the accused are staying in the country and abroad and committing their crimes arbitrarily. The cybercrime unit of the Warangal Police Commissionerate has been cracking down on technicalities in cases like harassment of young girls and women, harassment by social media and harassment. At a recent meeting in Hyderabad, state police boss DGP Mahender Reddy showered praises on Warangal staff. With this, the talent of Warangal Cyber Crime Police has spread across the state.

Training With Cyber Warriors

Police officials have been paying special attention in recent times in view of the growing number of cybercrimes. As part of this, the DGP's office is training five constables under the name 'Cyber Warriors' in each police station in the state for five days. Tabs have already been handed out and PT cases are being registered from time to time and victims are being assured to respond to Dial 100 calls within 5 to 10 minutes.

Advanced Equipment And Cutting-Edge Section

The Cyber Division of the Warangal Police Commissionerate has state-of-the-art equipment. This section was launched on March 18, 2018. The department, which is under the direct supervision of the Commissioner of Police, has an Inspector, a Sub-Inspector, an Assistant Analytical Officer and nine constables. Both have a B-Tech background and have a good grasp of technical issues and are able to provide key information in many cases. OTP, bank, WhatsApp, Facebook, lottery, jobs, scams in the name of gifts, sexual harassment of young women, women, children, etc., are playing a criminal game by providing key information to the investigating staff. Meanwhile, the Warangal Cyber Police is sending video messages through WhatsApp to motivate the people.

VOIT Internet Calls…

The kidnapping and murder of boy Kusuma Dixit in Mahabubabad district center has caused a stir across the country. In this case, the accused could be identified only with the technical information provided by the Warangal Cyber Crime Police. The kidnapper could not be traced as he was calling his parents via the internet. To this extent, the cyber team that entered the field was able to crack the internet calls and arrest the accused. Warangal Cyber Police is fortunate to provide information that even the state intelligence police could not find in this regard.

Technical information has become crucial in the case of nine murders in Gorrekunta, Geesukonda Mandal, Warangal Rural District. Police found no evidence at the scene. Cybercrime police identified him based on the phones made by the accused. The accused was later sentenced to life imprisonment after submitting technical evidence in court. If online borrowers do not pay on time, they are committing suicide by giving bad information to people whose numbers are saved on their phones. The role of the officers of the Cyber Division of the Warangal Police Commissionerate has become crucial in identifying the culprits in such cases. Warangal-based cyber police have played a key role in the arrest of four accused in the Bangalore-based loan scam.

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