Khairatabad: Hand-made seed paper bags are trending

Khairatabad: Eco Friendly is merely two words but it will become the diktat for the survival of the next generation says Piyal Biyani, who is into the world of hand-made eco-friendly paper bags since 15 years. Piyal has conducted several workshops to encourage people to use paper bags and also has trained more than hundreds in making paper bags at Somajiguda Circle, Hyderabad.

She urges citizens to use eco-friendly bags saying, "As a responsible citizen, we have to care for our environment by using biodegradable products like handmade paper bags, Jute bags do not harm and looks very stylish." There is a misconception among the people that handmade papers are costly but in reality it is not correct, she added.

Helping the needy by giving a hope for life she gradually started the paper bag making as a permanent hobby by supplying it to the little friendly NGOs for free and then she also started a full time business and involved her family in making eco friendly products.

I always support my wife, when she shared her idea to protect environment by eco-friendly products I was truly impressed and quickly we were into this business and we put in our different ideas to make paper bags more attractive, said Amit Biyani, husband of Piyal Biyani.

"We started making handmade paper wedding cards as a passtime, where people loved and asked us to do more for them, we have applied creativity in using these papers for making of paper bags and extended to make boxes, trays, baskets, photo frames.

Talking about the latest trend in paper bags she said, "The latest craze in the handmade paper world is the seed paper. In this type of paper the seeds of Basil, Marigold, Tomato are already being put at the time of manufacturing and when the purpose of these papers are done one can tear it into pieces and put it into the flower pot for the seeds to germinate and in some days the plant will bloom from it."

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