Hyderabad: Mecca Masjid tank repair works at a brisk pace

Hyderabad: Mecca Masjid tank repair works at a brisk pace

Persistent leakage turns the tank defunct

Charminar: The leakage in the traditional ablution tank (Wazukhana) caused following the bomb blast in 2007 remained persistent, ever since. Despite several repair works taken up in the following years, the root cause is yet to be identified. With the objective of doing complete overhaul, the tank is now 'out of use' with alternate arrangements made for the devout.

The 400-year-old Mecca Masjid was constructed in Qutub Shahi era with a massive traditional ablution water tank. The tank which was under usage ever since has no history of leakage, till the damage was caused by the blast. At least once a year particularly prior to start of holy month of Ramzan, as per the practice, the tank is completely cleaned and restored. With the intention of finding the root cause of leakage the tank fell defunct for the last 10 days and remains empty. For the convenience of Friday's devout the authorities have set up blue barrels filled with water.

According to official sources, around Rs 9 crore was sanctioned for repair works which are in progress, this excludes the repair work to be taken for the ablution tank. "It has been about 13 years since the tank started leaking and for the last few months the situation only turned worst, as every day 2 feet of water is lost. As it was becoming difficult to make ablution from tank, we emptied the tank and kept the temporary water barrels for Friday prayers," informed an official.

He said that earlier the tank would lose water for about 2-3 inches and later 5-6 inches and latest it was 2 feet making it difficult for the devout to fetch water for ablution with their bare hands. "Each year before Ramzan the tank is repaired with some patch works, but the concerned department could not rectify the leakage. A representation was given to the concerned department for the repair and the repair works will start within 2-3 days", he added.

Syed Akbar, a devotee and owner of readymade shop in Lad Bazar said that for more than 10 days the tank was kept empty and the devout who are habituated to traditional method of ablution are facing inconvenience.

When The Hans India reporter spoke to the Mecca Masjid Superintendent MA Qadeer Siddiqui, he said that the tank repair works would be completed within 20 days.

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