Hyderabad: Shun politics of religious appeasement says K Krishna Saagar Rao

Telangana BJP chief Spokesperson, K Krishna Saagar Rao

Telangana BJP chief Spokesperson, K Krishna Saagar Rao


Telangana BJP chief spokesperson K Krishna Saagar Rao says that terror modules in southern States should be handled with an iron grip


Hyderabad: Telangana BJP chief Spokesperson, K Krishna Saagar Rao said that political impunity of religious appeasement should not be allowed to be seen encouraging terrorism to find safe havens to operate in the country.

Against the backdrop of the recent United Nationals Report on terrorism citing sleeper cells of Al-Qaeda and Islamic State (IS) are now operating from a couple of States down South, he said the State government should be more cautious.

He further said that BJP feels that as per the reports, now Kerala and Karnataka seem to be on the radar. "The sleeper cells operating there seem to have 150 to 200 people. These are mainly from Myanmar and Bangladeshi migrants. These are illegal migrants obviously," he added.

The danger as BJP sees is the political impunity of religious appeasement, in which Kerala stands number one in the entire country.

"It happened in Hyderabad. It continues to happen in Telangana. Thanks to Congress and regional party rule in Karnataka for a long time, that State also has become a safe haven for these modules," said Rao.

The BJP leader cautioned all those State governments to be extra cautious and to ensure that the politics do not border anti-nationalism and it does not border political impunity allowing these modules to operate.

Instead, see what is happening in the respective States and act with an iron grip to control the sleeper cells operating. While the central agencies will look into the reports, he said that BJP wants to see investigations by the State governments concerned into these reports published by the UN.

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