Hyderabad: Siddipet is better than Hyderabad, says tea shop owner

Siddipet is better than Hyderabad, says tea shop owner

Siddipet is better than Hyderabad, says tea shop owner


Bharatamma (60) says town more liveable than city; waiting for 2 BHK

Hyderabad: Bharatamma (60), running a tea shop in Mayur Marg of Begumpet, is seen brooding as the loudspeaker-mounted vehicles pass by playing the achievements and promises of main political parties.

When asked, recollecting the 30-plus years since she migrated from Siddipet to Hyderabad to make a living, she says, "living in the village (Siddipet) is better than in Hyderabad."

The grandma feels that Siddipet, where all her kin and kith are living, is a more liveable place, given the kind of changes have taken place around her. And, how Hyderabad has increasingly been not kind to the poor the way once it was.

However, Bharatamma, is waiting for the clearance and allotment of a double-bedroom house, which she had applied for in Siddipet. Once, she gets it, she wants to decide to stay back in Hyderabad or to go back to Siddipet.

Reason being, it is becoming more and more difficult for her to continue the battle with her day-to-day life.

Whatever meagre Bharatamma earns is not enough to meet her basic needs. Responding to a question, she said it is better to live peacefully in Siddipet, while pointing out how even it is difficult to meet in case she faces health problems.

Scratching her head to remember the timeline, she said, "They have taken application for the double-bedroom house long back. But, to date, there is no word about it."

At this age, what Bharatamma says is to live peacefully in her house, without burdening the family. She wants to continue running her tea shop until the day to go to back to Siddipet to live in her double-bedroom house promised by the State government.

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