Mahabubnagar: Irregularities found in payment of relief to prrlis oustees

File photo: Palamuru Rangareddy Lift Irrigation

File photo: Palamuru Rangareddy Lift Irrigation


  • The farmers and assigned land owners demand justice from the government over irregularities.
  • Farmers allege that compensation was paid to those who merely hold rights on land acquired by the government for RLI project

Mahabubnagar: Discrepancies were exposed in the payment of compensation for the beneficiaries who have lost lands for the Rehabilitation & Resettlement (R&R) announced by the government under the Udandapur Reservoir project taken up as part of Palamuru Rangareddy Lift Irrigation (RLI) project in Jadcherla.

With some of the non beneficiaries who are not even in the possession of any land getting lakhs of rupees as compensation and the real beneficiaries who lost their lands under the R&R project are ignored.

The farmers and assigned land owners who had lost their lands for the R&R project staged a protest at Tahsildar office in Jadcherla mandal and demanded justice on Friday.

Going in to the details, for the R&R project of Udandapur reservoir oustees the State government is procuring the assigned lands located behind the police training centre in Jadcherla mandal.

The government officials had conducted survey of the assigned lands and identified all those beneficiaries who have lands in the survey number 554. Around 78 acres of land has been procured in the survey number 554 and a total of 51 beneficiaries were identified and sanctioned a compensation of Rs. 12 lakhs per acre to all these beneficiaries.

Majority of these beneficiaries had even received money into their accounts. However according to the local sources of the identified 51 beneficiaries, it is learnt that of them only 27 beneficiaries are the real beneficiaries who are possessing the lands in their names and cultivating, while the other beneficiaries are just holding land on the papers and does not have any possession legally.

Surprisingly, of the 27 real beneficiaries, as many as 16 people who had lost their lands were not included in the beneficiary list. While a few who had gained compensation have got only part payment as the officials have shown less land on their names in the records contract to the data recorded on the beneficiary land pass books.

Bukka Chennamma, a resident of Kaverammapeta who has about 2.20 acres of land at the Police training centre near Minority Gurukula School, was shocked to see the list provided by the officials which says she possesses only 20 guntas against her name and compensation for that part of land was also not provided by the officials.

"The revenue officials in connivance with the local political persons are playing this filthy game. They officials are acting under the political pressure and have sanctioned and released money to the virtual beneficiaries, while those who are in real possession and who lost their lands are ignored and not paid the compensation," said Chennamma.

Similarly is the story of Laxmi of Devunigutta Thanda, the officials have paid compensation for only one acre of land as against two acres as per the land pass book. "They have paid compensation for only one acre, while the other one acre is not shown in the revenue records. The officials with the pressure of some local politicians are doing injustice to the real beneficiaries and helping those people who are not even having lands in their possession," alleged Laxmi.

When the Tahsildar of Jadcherla mandal Laxmi Narayana was asked about these discrepancies, he said that the compensation was paid to the beneficiaries as per the survey report of the officials, however if there is any discrepancies, he said they will conduct an inquiry into the matter and will weed out the non beneficiaries and will ensure justice to those who are real beneficiaries.

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