Private PG medical students losing exposure to deliveries

Private PG medical students losing exposure to deliveries

  • Pregnant women preferring deliveries in State-run hospitals over teaching hospitals
  • Private medical colleges request the govt to extend KCR Kits scheme to their teaching hospitals also

Hyderabad: PG students studying Obstetrics and Gynaecology (OBG) in private medical colleges are a worried lot as they are missing out on the exposure of performing deliveries after the introduction of KCR Kits scheme.

And, the reason being pregnant women, who earlier used to visit these hospitals for ante-natal care and delivery are queuing up before the government hospitals for obvious reasons.

Most of the families in districts have white ration cards and hence they are covered under KCR Kits scheme.

The only delivery cases that these teaching hospitals are getting these days is pregnant women, who are not covered under this scheme.

The number of deliveries being performed in private teaching hospitals has dropped by one-third to one-fourth number compared to the situation two years ago.

What this meant was MS (OBG) students enrolling in private medical colleges are not getting the very crucial deliveries and labour room experience in three-years of their study.

According to Dr Jayashree, a senior gynaecologist in the city, each PG (OBG) student will be having two OT (Operation Theatre) duties every week.

While in first six months of their study, PG students will be assisting senior doctors and their senior students by taking care of notes, case sheets, taking patient's consent and speaking to patient's family in case of complications etc, third-year PG students are allowed to perform deliveries including C-Sections under close watch of senior doctors and professors, she said.

"This labour room experience during PG study is very essential and crucial and will stand them in good stead as they come out and take up full-time gynaecologist profession in the future," the doctor stressed.

It is in this backdrop the private medical colleges have appealed to the government to consider including teaching hospitals in KCR Kits scheme so that not only pregnant women in nearby areas but also the PG students getting benefitted as the number of deliveries is likely to increase considerably.

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