Episode 9 brings back the Batman and Robin in their best elements

Episode 9 brings back the Batman and Robin in their best elements

  • All Set for a great finale (Warning: Spoilers Ahead)

Are you a 'Suits' fan? Have you been following through the many Seasons of the legal drama that almost always kept you at the edge of your seat, and have you been missing watching Harvey Spectre and Mike Ross in one frame, the friendly banter peppered with classic lines from cult movies, the intense arguments and just watching them strip the opponents of their confidence – well the Episode 9 brings back the Batman and Robin in their best elements, and you will get to see a new facet of this relationship, both professionally and personally.

Well, why did this happen, both Harvey and Mike and the rest of everyone else at the firm want the formidable and mean Fay out, and the main issue that the season is dedicated to is Samantha, and to protect her from getting disbarred. And this is exactly what everyone Donna, Alex, Louis, Katrina – are all aiming for. And they come up with a strategy. Harvey despite his terrible loss of his mother's death is all in. Mike comes in to help in the case where Samantha accuses Fay of wrongful termination. There's a whole lot of strategy and planning that happens in this mission to get Fay out. 'It's now or never', says Donna. As the top shots are working together for one purpose, as always, there is a change in the plan, not necessarily a welcome one. Meanwhile, we are treated one of the best final episodes of the popular series.

The return of the Robin, Mike Ross does spice up things and accelerates the pace of the drama set the stage for a finale. All the previous episodes of Suits with its intense courtroom scenes, the office romances the standoffs, the friends turning foes and vice versa and all that happens in between, handsome men and smart and well-dressed women battling it out with strategy and exhilarating arguments – Suits has become one of the top shows for many seasons. Going by the episode – it sure as hell will be an end on a high note warranting a revisit like all good shows.

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