Aadhaar updation: People face severe inconvenience due to shortage of centres

People throng an Aadhaar centre at Podalakur in Nellore district on Tuesday violating Covid norms

People throng an Aadhaar centre at Podalakur in Nellore district on Tuesday violating Covid norms 


District administration asks them to complete the E-KYC process by Aug 20

Nellore: Nellore population is facing severe difficulties with lack of adequate Aadhaar centres for any modification of data in the cards for altering names, phone numbers, change of address and including vital data. The situation worsened with limited centres in the district and people are experiencing a nightmarish situation amidst the pandemic. Now, these centres are witnessing a huge rush of people violating the social distancing norms.

Recently, the district administration had asked to complete the E-KYC process by August 20 and the rice cardholders are concerned over finishing the work before the deadline. So, they are thronging to queue lines across the district right from early hours. The ration cardholders were told that they cannot procure ration unless they get their data updated. A few banks and Aadhaar enrollment centres are providing services and they are taking time for updating the data. Some centres give tokens allotting time for visiting the centre.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, only a few banks and post offices have been accepting the requests from the cardholders for any modifications. The weekend holidays (Saturday and Sunday) led to heavy rush at Aadhaar centres on Monday and Tuesday. No policemen were deployed to control the mobs who violated the Covid guidelines.

Some scheduled banks in the district that are accepting the task of modifications have been experiencing severe strain as there is a heavy rush of applicants. As there is no provision for Aadhar services at Sachivalyam, people are facing severe troubles.

"The government has directed to complete e-kyc even for children above 5 years and hence people are thronging queue lines. Hardly three days are left and in between there is a holiday. Government has to extend the deadline for completing the process," said P Ramanamma from Podalakur Road area.

Further, Joint Collector MN Harendira Prasad informed that they were deputing the village/ward volunteers to the households in their jurisdiction to inform they on the location of Aadhar centres.

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