Amaravati: Search makes Muslims feel insecure

Amaravati: Search makes Muslims feel insecureMen wearing protective masks carry their belongings at Nizamuddin in New Delhi amid concerns over the spread of the coronavirus

  • . More than 1,000 people from the State attended Nizamuddin Markaz event between March 15-17 . Muslim leaders demand the govt to reveal those who tested negative for coronavirus among the Delhi returnees
  • . They express willingness to voluntarily admit themselves to hospitals, but seek better conditions in isolation centres

Amaravati: In the grip of deep grief due to the threat of coronavirus after they returned from the Nizamuddin Markaz in New Delhi, the Muslim pilgrims are feeling insecure with the government launching massive search to track down the returnees as many tested positive for virus.

They opined that the government is wantonly misleading the public by creating impression that all those who attended the religious meeting were affected by Covid-19.

Speaking to The Hans India here on Wednesday, Sk Nayamatullah, an elder of the Tablighi Jamaat Markaz from Guntur, says they have been cooperating with the government and all those who attended the programme in New Delhi were sent to the hospitals as directed by the governments.

At the same time, he said the government was not revealing the statistics related to those who tested negative. According to reports, more than 1,000 people from the state attended Markaz Nizamuddin meet between March 15-17.

"There are hundreds of people tested negative, but the government is revealing only positive cases and hence creating fear psychosis among Muslims," the community leaders observed. The other members said that the poor amenities at the hospitals are making life worse than the virus. They said that the government was not providing good food and the maintenance of isolation centres were not up to the mark.

Another person, who attended the religious event in New Delhi and now at the hospital, said, "It seems the government targeted only Muslim community. But, the Covid-19 does not come from Nizamuddin congregation. Everyone knew that from where it came. Both the state and the Union governments allowed lakhs of people to return from the Covif-19 affected countries and did not take adequate measures when such people returned. Now, the governments are highlighting only Muslim pilgrims and Nizamuddin gathering, which is unfortunate".

A 40-year-old man asked how could one say that only the persons coming from Nizamuddin spread the virus in trains and other transportation facilities in the country. "There were foreign returned too. First they tested negative at the time of arrival. After that some of them tested positive. Then how could one judge this dynamic development and attribute to one community only?" he said.

Meanwhile, Nayamatullah, a Muslim leader said, "Testing for Covid is good. We are identifying the people and sending them to hospitals. But, the government has to reveal the facts related to negative cases also, then only the people will be confident enough. Otherwise, it is creating insecurity among the people."

He said that he suggested that the people get admitted to Katuri Medical Hospital and almost all the pilgrims returned to Guntur from Delhi are in the hospital. The people who were admitted to the hospitals were not provided with food and water. They have to give separate treatment to asymptomatic and symptomatic people, he suggested.

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