Mahanadu boosts morale of TDP rank & file




Several party activists and their families throughout the undivided Anantapur district glued to TV sets to watch the glittering event and NTR’s centenary celebrations, which shaped their political career

Anantapur-Puttaparthi: Hundreds of Telugu Desam Party activists and their families are glued to their television sets throughout Saturday and Sunday to watch the glittering event ‘Mahanadu’ as well the centenary celebrations of NTR, the hero of the celluloid world and the world of Telugu politics, which he shaped and had a sway over since 1982 and until his death for nearly two decades.

For the party workers and their families, the event kindles new hope with political tempers running pretty high, with less than a year for the 2024 elections and predictions of TDP staging a comeback.

Many party workers, who were once the diehard fans of matinee idol got a new lease of life to cling on to the legacy of NTR in the political arena.

For them, NTR still lives not merely in memories but in the form of political party he founded and the ideologies he shaped to serve the masses, he loved. The ghost of NTR still haunts his admirers and party workers to whom he gave a purpose to their lives.

These party workers many of whom could not make it to be physically present in Mahanadu and in the celebrations at Rajamahendravaram, are now clung to their TV sets at their homes as well as in party offices throughout the undivided Anantapur district.

This Mahanadu and the celebrations have given them a sense of hope and rekindling of the party’s fortunes in 2024. For the party workers, it is a do or die battle as their future is linked to the TDP which gave them a life, identity and an extension of the legacy of hero they love and admire so much.

Every bit of what they are seeing live on television, they are enjoying.

Ramesh Naidu, a party worker told The Hans India that he and his family members are looking forward for the comeback of party to power and it meant so much to their economic and political fortunes.

It will be a sad day for them if their hopes are dashed. But there is a lot of hope, he muttered.

Same is the hope kindled by not only TDP but also by Pawan Kalyan and other opposition parties who desperately want TDP to come back to share power and revive their own personal fortunes.

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