Nellore: Inter Board cracks whip on private colleges

Inter Board cracks whip on private colleges

Inter Board cracks whip on private colleges


  • Steeply increase the penalties for various violations
  • As per new guidelines, colleges that are found to be collecting extra fees, submitting false documents to the board will have to pay Rs 10 as fine
  • Penalty amounts have been raised by 500% in case of some allegations

Nellore: The Board of Intermediate Education (BIE) has steeply increased the fines imposed on colleges for violating its guidelines on various issues ranging from collection extra fees to lack of parking facility to students.

Errant private junior colleges that are found to be collecting higher fees than prescribed amounts, submitting false documents to the board are now have to pay Rs 10 lakh as fine, as per the new guidelines. Even colleges that violate the norms for the first time have to pay Rs 10 lakh. As per the new rules, a second violation by the college leads to cancellation of the permission.

Sources say the state government tightened the screws on private junior colleges in view of rampant violation of rules and regulations by them. If a junior college has registered its office at one place and runs the classes in another place, the fine imposed so far is up to Rs 50,000. But hereafter, it has to shell out Rs. 2.50 lakh.

In case of a change of premises without permission from one mandal to another mandal, municipalities and corporation limits without knowledge of the board, the college would be penalised with Rs 5 lakh fine which was earlier Rs 1 lakh. If a private college changes its status from women's college to coeducation one without permission, it has to pay a fine of Rs 2 lakh as against the earlier fine of Rs 1 lakh.

Similarly, college has to pay Rs 1 lakh for not following reservation norms, Rs 5,000 per student for additional seats filled in the institution beyond the approved limit. If the institutions collect fees and donations in the form of cash, they would be charged Rs 5 lakh, as against the earlier penalty of Rs 1 lakh.

So far, there have been no rules for parking space for the students attending the college. However, now colleges that lack parking lots have to pay a fine of Rs 1 lakh and arrange the facility in the same academic year. College management should not retain any original certificates or documents of the students with them on any grounds. It is common practice for many colleges to refuse to give away original certificates as against fee dues or for other reasons. Henceforth, if they resort to such tactics, they have to pay Rs 50,000 as penalty to the BIE.

Private junior colleges should not change the medium of instruction, start additional sections and additional courses without permission. If they do, they will have to pay Rs 5 lakh a fine, which was earlier Rs 1 lakh.

Further, without valid permission from the board, no college can merge the institution in another society, or trust, and in such case, they would be fined Rs 5 lakh. Even for not maintaining admission register properly, such colleges have to pay Rs 50,000 at the time of every visit.

Andhra Pradesh Parents Association said it is communicating the information about deficiencies and violations by the colleges to all regional inspection offices across the state marking a copy to the BIE for necessary action against them.

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