Plasma therapy yields good results in Nellore

Plasma therapy yields good results in Nellore

Plasma therapy yields good results in Nellore


  • So far 130 persons who recovered from Covid donated plasma
  • This has so far helped 75 Covid-infected patients recover in the district

Nellore: Now, convalescent plasma treatment along with other vital medication is the new procedure being adopted by the doctors in providing treatment to Covid patients in Nellore district and it is fetching good results.

So far, 130 people who recuperated from the infection have donated plasma and 75 people survived from the severe conditions, according to officials.

In fact, the practice is not new but it has become a breakthrough therapy due to its effectiveness on the Covid-19 patients where the aged and those with comorbidities face threat to life.

Medical practitioners say Convalescent Plasma (CP) therapy uses blood from people who have recovered from an infection or illness to help others recover. Blood donated by people contains antibodies to the virus. It helps to boost their ability to fight the virus and reduce the mortality rate.

Blood contains a major portion of plasma (55 per cent), red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Thanks to the administration that provided equipment to the IRCS blood bank for collecting only plasma from the patients at the time of donation.

The district administration had collected contact numbers and addresses of the Covid recovered patients for motivating them on plasma donation. Interestingly, the first plasma donor D Subhash again has donated plasma within 15 days giving encouragement to others to come forward.

The plasma donation process started initially with very few people since August 5 and now the total people who donated plasma reached 130 and still the medical authorities are creating awareness among the recovered Covid patients to donate their plasma.

Indian Red Cross Society, Nellore branch, has been provided with the equipment for collecting plasma and District Collector KVN Chakradhar Babu supported the cause by taking personal initiative.

"Convalescent Plasma Therapy can't alone help in recovery of the patient from the infection. It plays a vital role in regaining the ability to fight against the virus along with other medications. Some patients fail to recover due to age and comorbidities, and majority cases are recuperating which is a good sign. We are focusing on the process," said a doctor from the Covid hospital.

Officials say people suffering from diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and others are not eligible for donating plasma. They analyse the antibody ratio in the body of a person and collect 400 ml of plasma from the recovered person and they can donate again after 15 days.

Collector KVN Chakradhar Babu appreciated efforts of the medical teams safeguarding the lives of the critically infected persons employing convalescent plasma therapy.

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