Rains pound several mandals across Nellore district

A water logged road at Atmakur Bus Stand on Tuesday

A water logged road at Atmakur Bus Stand on Tuesday


Krishnapatnam in Muthukuru receives the highest rainfall of 14.6 cm and Nellore rural and Alluru mandal receive more than 10 cm rainfall

Nellore: Several mandals in Nellore district are receiving heavy rains since Monday due to the ongoing cyclonic trough in the Bay of Bengal and due to the onset of the northeast monsoon. Coastal mandals such as Muthukuru, Alluru, Bogolu, Indukurupet and Vidavuluru Mandals witnessed heavy rainfall between 10 and 15 cms with an average of 5 cm in the entire district. Mandals close to Prakasam and Kadapa districts received zero rainfall.

According to rain data recorded at the automatic weather stations, Krishnapatnam in Muthukuru received the highest rainfall of 14.6 cm, Alluru 13.5 cm, Bogole 12.7 cm, Indukurupet 12.6 cm, and Indukurupet received 12.1 cm of rainfall. Many places in Indukurupet, Muthukuru, Nellore rural and Alluru mandals received more than 10 cms of rainfall.

Local people witnessed light drizzles since 11 am on Monday and the situation worsened with very heavy rainfall since 3 am on Tuesday. Railway under-bridges at Atmakur bus stand, Ramalingapuram and Magunta Layout were filled with floodwaters and there was a tough time for the commuters to cross the places. Many places saw overflowing drains and culverts in the city limits in the early hours on Tuesday and the city population faced severe troubles with the bad condition of roads.

Municipal Commissioner D Haritha said that they have arranged a control room in the city with numbers 18004251113 and 0861-2301541 for any assistance. After visiting several areas, she said the rescue teams were ready to support the city population in bailing out from distressful situations.

She said they were taking steps to clear water from ogged places such as roads under bridges, roads and low-lying areas using high-power motors and suggested people to be away from trees and electric poles during rainy times.

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