Tirupati: Holistic approach suggested to combat coronavirus

Tirupati: Holistic approach suggested to combat coronavirus
Participants at the workshop organised to discuss methods to combat coronavirus, in Tirupati on Tuesday

TTD sponsored institutions organise a workshop to discuss methods to prevent the spread of coronavirus

Tirupati: A workshop held here on Tuesday suggested a comprehensive approach combining series of measures found in Ayurveda, Vedas and also modern Allopathic methods to combat the deadly coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

In the wake of the global pandemic of Covid-19, the TTD sponsored institutions - Sri Venkateswara Vedic University (SVVU), Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Sciences (SVIMS) and S V Ayurvedic College, Tirupati have jointly organised a workshop to discuss the present scenario and suggest measures to fight the disease. As there is no proven allopathic drug-treatment or vaccine is available to prevent or treat Covid-19, the participant

experts stressed on the holistic approach to help the people overcome the present health crisis. Ayurveda preventive measures suggested regular consumption of lukewarm water, Regulated food habits and sleep, oral consumption of 6gms of Amlaki churna (Indian gooseberry powder) with honey (3 gms) and cow ghee (2 gms) with water once a day on empty stomach; Oral intake of turmeric milk (3gms of turmeric powder boiled in milk) in the morning and oral consumption of one teaspoon full of Tulasi juice with 3 gms of Madhu (honey) every day. The preventive measures from Ancient Indian Yogic Sciences include improving immunity through practice of Surya namaskaras under the rising sun, purifying lungs and improving immunity levels in the human body through the 'Nadi suddhi pranayama, simple Asana practice for l5 minutes.

The meet also stressed on the general measures of hygiene which is now being aggressively promoted by Government of India and state governments like keeping away from individuals with symptoms of fever, cough, sneezing etc, avoiding unnecessary physical contact like hand-shaking, hugging, ensuring cleanliness of hands by periodically cleaning with alcohol-based rub-in disinfectants, soap and water, avoiding touching mouth, nose and eyes with hands etc.

The participants include SVIMS Director -cum- Vice- Chancellor B Vengamma, SVVU Vice-Chancellor S Sudarsana Sarma, SVIMS Professor of Medicine Dr Alladi Mohan and SVAC Professor of Panchakarma Dr P Muralikrishan.

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