Tata Gravitas At Auto Expo 2020: What To Expect?

Tata Gravitas At Auto Expo 2020: What To Expect?

The upcoming Tata Gravitas will take over the role of being Tata’s flagship SUV from the Harrier

The Harrier is a big SUV. Big enough that it has the mantle of Tata's flagship vehicle firmly in its grasp. However, that's going to change once February rolls around, the 2020 Auto Expo begins and Tata launches the Gravitas. The Gravitas will share quite a bit with the Harrier in its design, powertrain and features department. However, it will bring some things of its own to the table. So, what can you expect from the Gravitas?


From the front, the Gravitas will share a lot with the Harrier such as the headlamps, DRLs and bumper design. The grille is expected to be the same too, however, it could get chrome elements to distinguish it from the Harrier.

From the side, the Gravitas will look like the Harrier to an extent. Start from the front and all the way to the C-pillar, you will notice similarities with the Harrier. However, to accommodate the extra row of seats, Tata has elongated the rear section and raised a bit off the roof too.

The rear of the car has been redesigned to accommodate the added row of seats and the tail lamps also get a new design. The design of the tailgate has been tweaked a little but the moniker sits right in the centre of the boot, just like in the Harrier.


The major change inside the cabin will be the addition of two more seats and the fact that the second row will be on a slider.

The panoramic sunroof will be the biggest change in comparison to the Harrier. Not that the Harrier needed it, but the panoramic sunroof will definitely help to make the cabin feel airier for the second- and third-row passengers. This feature could make an appearance in the Harrier too at a later stage.

Tata could opt to change the colours of the interior so that it stands apart from the Harrier, but we are not expecting any major ergonomic changes or feature additions.


Just like the Harrier, the Gravitas will make use of the 2.0-litre diesel engine from Fiat, that is also present in the likes of Jeep Compass and MG Hector.

However, unlike the Harrier, it will be present in a more potent state of tune. We expect it to make 170PS of max power and 350Nm of peak torque.

This engine is available only with a 6-speed manual transmission in the Harrier but Tata is likely to introduce a 6-speed automatic transmission with Gravitas as well.

Tata is also working on a smaller 1.6-litre direct-injection petrol engine for the Harrier and Gravitas. It will, however, not be available at the time of the latter's launch.


The Harrier has priced between Rs 13 lakh and Rs 17 lakh (both ex-showroom India). However, the Harrier will soon see a price hike owing to BS6 compliance.

Tata will price the Gravitas above this and we are expecting a premium of around Rs 1 lakh.

However, like the Harrier, we expect Tata to give the Gravitas an introductory price to get customers to the showrooms and hike the price at a later stage.

That's all we know about the Gravitas for now. Did we answer your queries or is there something else you would like to know? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: cardekho.com

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