Petrol and diesel prices in Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai today hikes on 03 December 2020

Petrol and Diesel

Petrol and Diesel


Petrol and diesel prices have surged on Thursday.

Petrol and Diesel prices today 03 December 2020: Petrol and diesel prices have surged on Thursday. It is known that the state run oil companies have been increasing the prices. The fuel rates mentioned below are due at 6am and are subjected to change at anytime as per the petroleum companies.

The petroleum companies alter prices based on crude oil prices in the international market. Against this background prices may rise one day and may fall another day.

Going by the prices, the petrol prices in Delhi are holding at Rs. 82.66 per litre with a hike of 17 paise and diesel price at Rs. 72.84 with 19 paise hike. The petrol prices in Hyderabad remained at Rs. 85.97 with a hike of 17 paise and diesel at Rs. 79.48 with a hike of 21 paise.

In Chennai, the petrol price per litre costs Rs. 85.59 with 15 paise surge and the diesel is priced at Rs. 78.06 with 22 paise hike. The situation is similar in Mumbai with petrol price per liter at Rs. 89.33 witha hike of 17 paise and the diesel prices remained at Rs. 79.42 with 22 paise hike.

Petrol price per liter Diesel price per liter
Hyderabad Rs. 85.97 Rs. 79.48
Delhi Rs. 82.66 Rs. 72.84
Chennai Rs. 85.59 Rs. 78.06
Mumbai Rs. 89.33 Rs. 79.42

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