Anniyan Remake: South Indian Chamber Of Commerce Reacts To V Ravichandran's Allegations On The Ace Director Shankar

Director Shankar

Director Shankar


All the movie buffs were extremely happy with Shankar’s announcement of Kollywood’s blockbuster movie ‘Anniyan’

All the movie buffs were extremely happy with Shankar's announcement of Kollywood's blockbuster movie 'Anniyan'. He stated that Ranveer Singh will be the lead actor and step into the shoes of Vikram for this remake. Both Ranveer and Shankar also shared a couple of pics which created a buzz on social media. Well, but the original producer of Anniyan is not happy with this news. He is creating hassles and also stated that he is the sole owner of the subject as he produced the original movie.

The issue also went to the South Indian Chamber Of Commerce (SICC) and the chairman Ravi Kottarakara also confirmed that Ravichandran has filed a complaint on Shankar claiming that he is the sole owner of Anniyan movie.

Well, let us have a look at Shankar's reply to Ravichandran's allegations:

This letter reads, "Greetings for the day, I am shocked to receive your mail dated 14.04.2021 stating that you own the storyline of the movie Anniyan. In this context, I submit that the movie was released in the year 2005 and everyone associated with the movie were aware that the script and storyline belongs exclusively to me and in fact the movie was released with the tag: Story, Screenplay and Direction by Shankar. I have not assigned in writing any script or screenplay to any person, and continue to retain the right to exploit the script in any manner I deem fit.

As the admitted author of the literary work, my rights cannot be interfered with under any circumstances. I am rather surprised to see the reference to late Sri Sujatha, as he was engaged by me only to write dialogues for the film and was accordingly credited. He was not involved in the script, screenplay or characterization in any manner, and there is no scope beyond his engagement as a dialogue writer. Given that the script vests with me, I am absolutely entitled to exploit the same in any manner I deem fit. Infact, you/your entity does not have the right to remake or make any derivative rights for "Anniyan", as the said rights have not been granted to you in writing.

In the absence of any assignment in writing from me, there can be no basis whatsoever to even assert that the "storyline" vests with you. You as the producer have gained substantially from the success of the film "Anniyan", and are needlessly trying to unjustly enrich yourself even in my future endeavours which have no correlation to you. Needless to state, I can only hope good sense will prevail upon you after this clarification and you will stop agitating such baseless claims. This reply is issued without prejudice, and to clarify the actual situation of me as a director and writer being subject to such avaricious and illegal claims to needlessly attempt to jeopardise my future projects."

Even the prouder of Anniyan movie Aascar Ravichandran made allegations on Shankar. Take a look!

"I am utterly shocked to know that you are likely to undertake the direction of a Hindi film by adopting the story of the movie, Anniyan. You are well aware of the fact that I am the producer of the said movie Anniyan. The entire story rights were purchased by me from the writer Sujatha (alias late Rangarajan) for which full payment was done by me to him and necessary records are also available. I am the whole and sole owner of the rights of the storyline. As such, any such adaptation or remaking or copying the main plot of the said movie, without my permission, is totally illegal".

"Further, I wish to remind you that after the not so successful film namely Boys, directed by you, you were severely stressed due to the dented image. Still, I have provided you with the opportunity to direct the film Anniyan, after which you have regained the lost ground, only because of my support. It is a sorry state of affairs that you have conveniently forgotten the same and without even informing me, you have tried to reap the accolades of my successful movie Anniyan by associating yourself with an adaptation of Hindi version of the same. I am sure you always maintain certain ethical values, hence I wonder how you can stoop to a low level by resorting to such unlawful acts."

"You are hereby advised to immediately stop proceeding any further on the same, due to the illegal copying of the storyline for which the entire rights are held by me. Please note that a legal notice follows this letter."

Shankar has announced the Anniyan remake sharing a few couple of pics on his Twitter page:

This image showcases the three legends of this movie, lead actor Ranveer Singh, director Shankar and producer Jayantilal Gada.

Shankar also jotted down, "In this moment, no one will be happier than me, bringing back the larger than life cinematic experience with @RanveerOfficial in the official adaptation of cult blockbuster Anniyan.

@jayantilalgada @PenMovies".

Hope the issue gets solved soon and Ranveer entertains the audience with his ultimate acting skills stepping into the shoes of Vikram.

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