‘Bhoothadham Bhaskar Narayana’ review: Promising addition to thriller landscape

‘Bhoothadham Bhaskar Narayana’ review: Promising addition to thriller landscape

Siva Kandukuri starrer 'Bhootadham Bhaskar Narayana' has successfully captured audience interest through its compelling promotional content, featuring intriguing mythological elements.

Rating: 3/5

Siva Kandukuri starrer 'Bhootadham Bhaskar Narayana' has successfully captured audience interest through its compelling promotional content, featuring intriguing mythological elements. The trailer and the enchanting 'Shiva Trap Trance' have generated curiosity. Now, as the detective thriller hits the screens, lets see how it fares at box-office.


From a young age, Bhaskar Narayana (Shiva Kandukuri) aspired to be a detective, inspired by his elder brother. The narrative takes a gripping turn when a series of sensational murders by a psychopathic killer unfolds. The murderer gruesomely decapitates his victims, leaving Dishti dolls at crime scenes. Bhaskar Narayana steps into the investigation, unraveling a web of mysteries. As the plot thickens, questions arise: Who is the psycho killer, and what drives the heinous murders? Bhaskar's journey to unveil the truth becomes a riveting tale, unveiling the profound reasons behind his desire to become a detective. The suspense builds as the pursuit intensifies, leaving audiences on the edge, eager to discover the resolution of this chilling thriller.


Shiva Kandukuri effortlessly embodies the character of Bhaskar Narayana, showcasing his natural talent and leaving an indelible mark in the detective role. The character design allows the lead actor to explore and deliver a standout performance. Heroine Rashi Singh, with her limited screen time, delivers a decent portrayal. The ensemble cast, in sync with the story's demands, contributes significantly, ensuring that each actor enhances the narrative with their performances. Overall, the cohesive effort of the cast adds depth to the storytelling, making the film a compelling watch.


The director's innovative storytelling creates a captivating world, ensuring audience engagement for a substantial runtime.Sricharan Pakala's impactful background music emerges as a significant asset, skillfully maintaining suspense throughout the narrative and enhancing even routine scenes. The commendable camera work, reflecting high production values, contributes to the film's visual appeal. The climax, coupled with the revelation of the antagonist, serves as the film's essence. The inclusion of the "Shiva Trap Trance" during the rolling credits remarkably amplifies the overall cinematic experience. This thriller successfully caters to the audience longing for a gripping narrative, effectively filling the void in the genre.


Telugu cinema has seen an influx of compelling thrillers in recent times, and 'Bhaskar Narayan's Bhutaddham' distinguishes itself by skillfully intertwining elements of crime thriller with mythology. The director exhibits commendable storytelling prowess by initiating the narrative with a captivating introduction to the protagonist, engaging the audience right from the start. The suspenseful journey of uncovering the truth behind the crimes and identifying the elusive killer maintains an enthralling quality throughout the entirety of the film.

The second half of the narrative introduces a series of gripping twists and turns that heighten the overall thrill, eclipsing even the momentum established in the first half. The director demonstrates a keen ability to intricately weave a mythological backdrop into the storyline, particularly elucidating the connection between the murders and the presence of Dishti dolls. This innovative approach infuses the narrative with a fresh and epic quality, adding depth to the storytelling.

While the initial half may exhibit moments of routine pacing and a slightly slower tempo, the latter half compensates adeptly with its captivating progression, making any perceived flaws in the earlier segments forgivable. Ultimately, the film not only successfully sustains a solid level of intrigue until the end but also attests to the director's mastery in holding suspense, making 'Bhaskar Narayan's Bhutaddham' a promising and memorable addition to the Telugu thriller landscape.


Actors performance

Story, narration

Background music


Slow narration in the first half

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