Abhishek Malik Opens Up About Marriage Troubles and Divorce from Suhani Chaudhary

Abhishek Malik Opens Up About Marriage Troubles and Divorce from Suhani Chaudhary

Abhishek Malik and Suhani Chaudhary


Abhishek Malik, renowned for his role in ‘Kumkum Bhagya,’ has confirmed his divorce from wife Suhani Chaudhary after two years of marriage, citing incompatibility and lack of time due to his busy schedule as reasons for their split. The couple, who mutually decided to part ways, have begun the legal process for their divorce.

Abhishek Malik, known for his role in 'Kumkum Bhagya', has opened up about his decision to separate from his wife, Suhani Chaudhary. The couple, who tied the knot in 2021, have decided to part ways due to differences they couldn't mend. They've even taken down their pictures together from social media.

After two years of marriage, Abhishek and Suhani have decided to go their separate ways. Abhishek revealed that their relationship faced challenges due to incompatibility and his busy schedule, which left him with little time for his wife. Despite living together throughout their marriage, they mutually agreed that splitting up would lead to a happier life for both.

Explaining their decision, Abhishek shared with Times Now, "We realized we had different ways of thinking and connecting. It was missing that spark between us. So, we sat down and talked it over, deciding that we'd be better off apart. It's better not to drag out a relationship that isn't working. Why make each other unhappy?"

He added, "Work kept me occupied, and understandably, she had expectations. Being new to Mumbai, she didn't have many friends here. She bonded with my circle, and they grew fond of her. She spent more time with them than with me. Even they noticed I wasn't giving her enough time. It all contributed to our decision."

Abhishek mentioned they've already started the legal process for divorce, and it will be finalised soon.

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