Adnan Sami Says 'The Padma Shri Has Rejuvenated Me With More Enthusiasm'

Adnan Sami Says The Padma Shri Has Rejuvenated Me With More Enthusiasm

Adnan Sami Says 'The Padma Shri Has Rejuvenated Me With More Enthusiasm'


  • Adnan Sami received the prestigious Padma Award for his contribution to the field of art!
  • He spoke to the media and said, 'The Padma Shri has rejuvenated me with more enthusiasm'…

It is all known that Bollywood's ace singer Adnan Sami is honoured with Padma Award a couple of days back. He received it from the hands of President Ramnath Kovind and also expressed his happiness through his social media page. Off late, he spoke to the media and said, Padma Award inspired him to create more music…

He started off by saying, "It's a beautiful blessing that I've been given the award at this age. I would want to believe that there's another life in front of me and I feel the responsibility to do and share more. When somebody praises you, it makes you want to do even better. It has inspired and rejuvenated me with more enthusiasm."

Saying that, he feels a sense of responsibility, he added, "When I was suddenly informed of this award, I was completely taken by surprise. The most important thing to take from this is that art is above anything else including geography".

Back in 2016, Adnan Sami was granted by citizenship by the government. "I started my journey in London and then moved to Portugal and then came to India. Who would have thought that I would get such a prestigious honour! It goes to show that if you believe in anything, remain focused and work hard, you will never go unnoticed."

Well, Sami was also cherished as his little one posed before television screen while he was receiving the award, "She wasn't able to attend the ceremony. She watched it live and made sure that she gets photographed in front of the TV while I was getting the award. I'm happy that we got that moment on camera".

Adnan Sami also shared his happiness through his social media page… Take a look!

Along with the pic, he also wrote, "The greatest honour! I am grateful to the Gov of India for this prestigious 'Padmashri Award'. I am forever indebted to my beautiful people of India who've loved me unconditionally & been an integral part of my journey which has brought me till here! Luv you all. Jai Hind!"

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