Crime Branch Seizes Raj Kundra's Bank Accounts

Raj Kundra is arrested

Raj Kundra is arrested (Photo/ANI)


  • Raj Kundra’s custody will end tomorrow and thus he will appear in court tomorrow
  • Even two of his state bank accounts are seized!

As it is known that Raj Kundra is arrested with the allegations of making porn videos, his custody will end tomorrow and thus, he will once again appear in court tomorrow. Meanwhile, Raj Kundra's bank accounts have been seized. According to the sources, two State Bank accounts of the businessman have been seized.

Along with these accounts, even the Mumbai Crime Branch has seized 18 bank accounts of 11 associates of Raj Kundra. According to sources, about Rs 2 crore 38 lakh has been deposited in these two bank accounts and thus it is also likely that Enforcement Directorate (ED) may register a case against Kundra under FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act).

Even there is another major development in this case. Police have found that the money has been transferred to Arvind Srivasthava's wife Harshita who ran the production company of Raj Kundra.

On the other hand, even the bail petition of Raj Kundra will also be heard tomorrow in court.

Even Tanveer Hashmi, who is also accused in this case opened up on making porn videos. He said, "We used to make short films of 20-25 minutes, which had nudity, but if you look at it logically they cannot be called porn but we can say it was soft porn".

He also added, "I was called by the Crime Branch for questioning about Raj Kundra and if I ever met him. I told them I have never met Raj Kundra in my life."

According to the sources, Raj Kundra company employees have turned witnesses in this case. Tanveer also opened on this issue saying, "First of all I have not committed any crime and the question of witness does not arise. Besides, today they asked me regular questions with regards to Raj Kundra and I have given them all the answers they needed. And I want to say that I have never made porn films, which is what I told them too, when I was questioned. But the police was not satisfied and I was sent to jail. Now I am part of the investigation and I have done my part. The police haven't asked me to come back again for questioning."

He also added, "I cannot judge anybody and only the law will decide. I cannot comment on it but the only thing is there are several platforms that are making bold content and they are not questioned".

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