Manoj Bajpayee Says OTT Has Been A Saviour For The Industry

Manoj Bajpayee

Manoj Bajpayee


OTT News Today: It is all known that in the pandemic phase, OTT platforms have come to the rescue for the film industry.

It is all known that in the pandemic phase, OTT platforms have come to the rescue for the film industry. The movies couldn't reach the theatres due to lockdown thus, OTT platforms turned as saviours and many producers opted to release their movies on the small screens rather than keeping them in the shelves. Well, on the other side, OTT platforms are also creating chances for many veteran actors and newbies who are struggling to get a chance on the big screen. Even ace actors of Bollywood are also eyeing on the small screen original movies to reach the audience via small screens too. Off late, Bollywood's versatile actor Manoj Bajpayee also expressed the same opinion while speaking to the media.

He started off by saying, "This has happened worldwide. There was only one medium of entertainment in a situation like lockdown when people couldn't even step out and do anything, forget about watching a film in threatres. OTT has been the only savior for the entertainment industry amid pandemic".

He also appreciated OTT platforms for keeping people busy… "The various shows and films kept them away from all the anxiety and stress. It is the only medium that has kept people entertained. It is a big ocean from where people can choose what they want to watch".

Not just for the audience, he feels that small screen platforms are also a blessing for the actors too. "All those people who can do some worthwhile job have got the chance to showcase their ability. It is a one of a kind situation. I pray that this time of celebrating talent and quality does not go away. In our country we often see that talented people were getting almost no due. The OTT has become a miracle for many".

He finally concludes by saying that, "I am not being reintroduced to the admirers who were already there. I was not just sitting at home and doing nothing. I was someone who was quite busy when OTT boom came. The unique thing that has happened to me and my career is that it has taken me to a different kind of a fan base which is teen and young people. The audience of that age was not that aware of my work. Those are the people who are loving and liking my work in this past two years. It has kind of excited them to look at all my other past works. That I find is amazing".

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