'Climax', a hybrid genre film

Climax, a hybrid genre film

Filmmaker Bhavani Shanker K is all set to release his film 'Climax' in theatres in the month of March. He tells us that this film belongs to hybrid...

Filmmaker Bhavani Shanker K is all set to release his film 'Climax' in theatres in the month of March. He tells us that this film belongs to hybrid genre as it has a murder mystery, comical background, family story and also other entertaining plots. After making debut with the film 'Dream' which has bagged six international awards, Shanker says, "I made this film to get a commercial success and I am very happy with the output of the film starring Rajendra Prasad, Sasha Singh, Prudhvi Raj, Shiva Shankar master and Sri Reddy".

Speaking on how he got the offer of the film, Bhavani Shanker says, "After getting awards for my debut film, it was not that tough for me to grab a producer as it pushed my confidence levels to another level. After 'Dream', I made a film in Greek language which took a long time and now back here." He added, "I also committed another project with the same producer which will be started after the release of 'Climax'."

About the story of the film

This is not a regular film which has a hero and a heroine. It is a story which runs on characters. Every character included in the film has a prominence. The story plays the main role in the film.

Budget of the film

The film was made in a decent budget what the story demanded. Our producer P Rajeshwar Reddy never compromised in investing for technical values of the film. The film was shot in high quality and there were lot of scenes which were made in star hotels.

Working experience with

Dr Rajendra Prasad

It was a great experience working with an actor like Rajendra Prasad. He is a fast grasping actor and very flexible to the directors like me. His experience of working with well known directors like Vamsi, Krishna Vamsi, Bapu helped us a lot in this film making. Once he believes in the script, he gives complete freedom to the director.

Taking Sri Reddy for the role

After I was finished with the script, I was searching for a character that creates controversies in the story. Then one of my associates suggested her name. We narrated the story and she agreed with it. After the trailers and posters were released, some of the people in social media trolled on our decision of picking her but she is very apt to the subject.

About technical crew

Ravi Kumar M worked as the Cameraman and Rajesh tuned the songs of the film. They contributed a lot for the film. Our production executives Ravi and Raj efforts were also appreciable. Everyone who worked for the film felt it as their film and supported us.

About entry into film industry

Being a non filmy background person, it was not that easy for me to enter into films as it is the disorganised industry. We need to get the right connections to make a step forward. In my case, a luck factor favored me after I made a short film. It was awarded as the best critic film in a competition in which 500 entries were there. So, that boosted me up and made me to start 'Dream'.

Upcoming projects

My next project will also be under the same producer and banner which was titled '17'. It is the story of four 17 year age girls. It will be started after the release of 'Climax'.

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